Friday, September 23, 2011


This dress is short. Like, "acceptable to wear in public but just barely" short. Like, "I really shouldn't have worn this to work even though my bosses are casual" short. Like "even though my boss was all 'you look like a cute, cheery gogo dancer today' I should have maybe worn tights" short. I love this dress too much to listen to common sense, though, so I spent most of the day pulling it down in an insecure manner. I mean, with tights I feel perfectly comfortable with the length, so hopefully once it chills up outside this dress will be getting a lot more use!

Dress: thrift store, Trench: H&M, Shoes: Urban Outfitters






Until tomorrow,


  1. you look so great; and I dont think it looks too short on you! You know whats more awkward? The fact that I feel like I need to comment on how lovely shaped your legs are haha but really they are! Lets pretend this awkward encounter never happened haha

    Hope youre well! xo

  2. Aw, what a darling dress. You look so cute, seriously. You have a lovely figure. I know wearing short stuff can be awkward though, haha.

    You're awesome :)

  3. hahaha I definitely have dresses like that. Like the one I told you I wore the first day we got to NY and then I went over a subway grate and totally flashed everyone. Yours looks super cute on you though. I love how we get to add tights to things soon! I can't wait to wear all my inappropriately short dresses!

  4. i have had this feeling with dresses way to often.
    why do they make them so short!?! even with tights i sometimes feel a little awkward..
    you look beautiful doesn't look as short as it feels. (if that makes sense. :P)
    have a wonderful weekend nicole!

  5. Well, in these blog photos it looks totally acceptable and cute, but I know what you mean! The worst is when you think a dress is okay, and then you sit down at your desk only to realize the back of the hem is practically riding up above your underwear. Awkward! Anyway, I think the colors of the print are so pretty, and I really like how the trench coat looks with this dress.

  6. my dear you look GREAT in this outfit! have you been dropping some pounds? it's inspiring me : )

  7. i'm tall, so most of my dresses are a bit too short. but i'm just going to embrace it! it looks cute on you! i wouldn't even have noticed the length if you didn't say anything.

  8. I love the print on that dress and the new background on your blog! Even though I'm only 5'3", I often have the too-short dress issue as well. Luckily, it's almost tights weather! :)

  9. Oh I've always loved this dress! I've been feeling that way about a few of my skirts/dresses lately. It's weird, but I think with tights, we'll feel better about wearing them :) You are looking tiny my dear!

  10. I know exactly what you mean-- bike shorts tend to do the trick! I don't have to worry about flashing my nickers around. x

  11. Aren't you like the cutest thing ever! Looking to all the photos in your blog and all your looks are adorable! so cute! x

  12. haha awww I don't think it looks too short at all! It looks gorgeous on you, and I love the print :) x


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