Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strictly Business


I'm not a fan of work clothes. Generally, I think pencil skirts, fitted button downs, and trousers look plain old terrible on me. Then I came across these slacks in H&M, and for $15 dollars mind you. And honestly, part of me just wanted "work clothes" because I have a job, even though the people I work for are generally in jeans but, you know, whatever. So, the pants were flattering, made me feel slightly professional, and were cheap enough for me to not feel guilty if I ended up never wearing them. But here I am, WEARING THEM. I had to go to work today as a site manager (read: sitter in the office for three for someone who had rented the space for their event, and I figured if there was ever a time to wear those pants, this was it. So, wear them I did. And site I managed. While this isn't really my style, per say, I figured it would be fun to show you guys this "professional" outfit anyway.

Pants, blouse: H&M, Cardigan: Gap, Shoes: Urban Outfitters




AND, just for fun, this is the face I make when I hear terribly inappropriate/uncomfortable/saucy music ("Let's get it on, till the early morn, girl!") blaring from the children's birthday party happening across the street:


Until tomorrow,


  1. Haha! Your face is cute. I'd totally wear something like this at work. I pretty much just switched out blouses, cardigans and slacks in different combinations. Honestly, I'd probably wear this outside of work too.

  2. I like jobs where you can dress up if you want to, but you don't have to. I usually like dressing up since it makes me feel more motivated, but some days you just want to wear jeans and a sweater. And wow, it's hilarious that that song started playing at a kids' party! Baha!

  3. You did a very nice job with looking professional yet cute!

  4. wow those trousers looks great on you! they're a pretty color. i really need to invest in a pair... maybe i'll go looking in h&m... :) xx

  5. lovely outfit!!!! love everything about it! the color combo is very cute!

  6. Haha, I love your expression in that last photo! Too cute! I think I would have the same look on my face though...

    I love those trousers on you, the colour scheme is beautiful, very professional xo

  7. I'm not one for pants, but I do prefer trousers highly over jeans. I guess I'm just not for the extremely casual, laid-back look!

    I could never have a job that required a pencil skirt or suit everyday. Maybe that's why I do music lol.

  8. the color combination here is so beautiful! And it's always nice to get dressed a little for work, even though everyone around you is wearing jeans!

  9. I sort of don't want to be overly complementary if you don't think this outfits reflects you, but you look so gorgeous how could I not! And your hair is beautiful too, jeez Nicole what is your secret?! Also um inappropriate music is hilarious, I'm gonna listen out for it more often :p

  10. I know how you feel, i've never been a fan of work clothes. Although i've seen some pretty damn awesome twists to it, but I just can't ever gravitate towards that type of clothing so I usually end up looking like a hot mess. But you're pulling this off splendidly :)

  11. Haha, I love your face in the last photo! I would be reacting similarly. And those trousers look REALLY good on you, thanks for showing us your professional look! ;) I'm actually seeing cropped trousers like that all over London, you are totally taking it the States gurl. Love it. XD

  12. i'm not a fan of work clothes either, but you look super cute.
    i love the color combination of these.

    i love that face.

  13. (Firstly, I'm SO sorry for my bad english...)
    I love your blouse, very romantic :) It's so cute with your pretty face ;) I like green + camel + retro !

  14. I'm a fan of this look. I'm horrible at dressing for work, but cropped trousers pretty much rule in warmish temperatures. I don't know about you, but I always find that my perfectly-demure-dresses in normal life come out wildly inappropriate at work!


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