Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why In the Night Sky Are the Lights Hung?


Hello there! So, I took a bit of a break from the blog world for a little while there (it feels like a longer amount of time than it actually was!). After the semester ended I just wanted to relax. I had spent so much time glued to my computer the last few weeks that I really needed a break. I'm back now, though, and with too many photos (and posts to catch up on!). Today is one of those days that I love. It starts out really slow, and boring, but develops into a fun day. I woke up late this morning (I've permitted late sleeping just for this first weekend of summer) to dark, rainy weather, which I actually love. At about 3 in the afternoon I started to pout about my lack of doing anything, so Zak suggested we take a drive over to this wonderful park a little ways from my house. It's a huge park (bigger than central park!) and so much fun to explore. One of my favorite areas is the playground because, being the five year old that I am, I love playing around on the slides and the swings (especially the swings). It's not often that I have a wide variety of photo locations available to me, which I'm sure you've noticed by all of the pictures on my porch, so I got a bit overwhelmed and took took too many pictures!

It was surprisingly hot and humid today so, even though I brought a sweater to the park, I immediately put it away. This outfit is fairly simple and monochrome mostly because my rain boots are so ridiculous and loud. I love wearing them, but it's so hard to plan an outfit around that bright colorful pattern!

Top: H&M
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Boots: DSW, I think?


Until tomorrow,


  1. You're telling me about a break.. I can go months without posting :( Just no motivation I suppose.

    But lovely outfit! I love the details.

  2. ahhh I need to go to the park! I'm jealous. This park looks awesome. Love your frilly outfit and how you added these super fun rainboots! Love the polka dots. I want to go down a slide. Five year olds forever. =)

  3. Cute wellies! I was thinking about wearing my rain boots today but it clashed with my outfit... :(

    Your hair looks really nice. My hair becomes all weird in the rain/humidity/dew.

  4. Good for you, I'm glad you finally have summer break, enjoy sleeping in, relaxing and doing little fun things like going to that park!

    I love the little clip on your hair, so cute!!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  5. Aw, your little blouse is so adorable!
    I love going for walks when it has just rained cause the grass and trees smell so great!

  6. I love this... you look all 1920s, until I get to the rain boots!

  7. Yay for the tank that we both have! I haven't tried wearing it over a skirt yet, but I must since you've done it a couple times now hehe :) You look so cute in your rain boots!

  8. Ah love the pop and quirkiness with those boots! And love how you layered nude colors and added a colored piece on the shoes. Very cute! :)

  9. your top is super cute - looking fab as always


  10. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get teh chance to swing by mine i would really appreiciate your opinions. :)

    follow me?

  11. Haha! I was exactly the same way when Robert was in town. Because he has a car (I live in the city and walk/public transit everywhere) and we cruised around the suburbs quite a bit, which opened up SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. I might go crazy this summer, when he's home for good.

    Is that one of the tops from H&M's conscious collection? So much of that is so breezy and pretty. Love the soft colors + loud rainboots :D

  12. so cute! I love those colors on you. and the boots are so fun. :)

  13. Hi Nicole, you look so dishy wearing your Wellingtons, they are so cool.



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