Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Was Old News To You Then


Hello there! So, I've been away from the blog world a bit because this weekend had me fretting, making decisions, and of course stress eating. Since summer started, I've been stressed about a lot of things. I've been trying to get a summer job - which is proving impossible for me - and trying to satisfy my internship requirements. I'm looking to have a very full week this week with Zak's grandpa's wake, heading to Governors Island for my internship, going to an internship event, hopefully lunching with a friend, errands, and on Friday my mom's having surgery. I don't even think I had a week that full during the school year! All of this worrying has also led me to eat more than I should. I don't think I've weighed myself since summer began because I'm too afraid of the number. I'm going to try to get back on track starting tomorrow. Weighing myself, eating right, exercising. I'll be busy, but I know that if I eat terribly it won't make me happy, and I'm going to need happy next week.

Anyway, today I went to my cousin's communion party on Long Island. The party was...uh...loud? Between all of the people talking and the DJ blasting kid friendly music (the Glee soundtrack?) I was more than happy to escape for windy outfit photos by the water. I actually saw this dress first on the lovely Lea's blog, Pretty Prudent, and when I saw it in Forever 21 I had to have it for myself as well! My sister was also looking super cute so she joined me for some photos!

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Zara
Shoes: DSW
Fox Brooch: Three Blooms etsy
Bag: Urban Outfitters





Until tomorrow,


  1. You look awesome! As does your sister. Sorry to hear the job situation is stressing you out. As my Grannie used to say, "you only need one." Hopefully that one will show up soon.xx

  2. I saw that dress on Lea's blog too! And it is on my watch list since forever 21 is actually opening a store soon in London yay! ;)
    You're looking especially adorable in these pictures, even more than you usually do!
    Well, again, good luck on all your summer happenings/activities. And don't worry too much about weighing yourself, just stay happy.

  3. You look absolutely adorable, its such a cute dress. Its OK to stress eat when you have so much going on. It happens to everyone. And don't worry about your weight, you look beautiful! Blogging sometimes makes me a little nutso thinking I've gained or lost weight...but you shouldn't worry. xo

  4. Very cute dress! I love the collar on it!

  5. Weirdest thing..I was literally just on the F21 website looking at this dress when on my other window had my google reader up and your blog was first on the list and are wearing the very dress. Too funny. Maybe this means I'm meant to buy it..hehe.

    It looks incredibly lovely on you and I just adore the little red brooch.
    Best wishes w/ your job hunt and busy week ahead. xx Marisa

  6. You look adorable, I really love the blue dress matched with the taupe cardigan! I hope everything settles down for you soon *hugs*. I also eat a bit too much whenever I am busy or stressed, it's a bad habit and some weeks it gets the better of me, other weeks I overcome it. xxx

  7. Nicole, I am in the exact same boat as you. Once classes ended, I didn't *have* to be on campus everyday.. and therefore I didn't utilize the campus gym. I've been slacking, and I'm terrified to get back on the scale because I can just tell that I've gained some of the weight back.

    I vote that we don't weigh ourselves for another two weeks. I've started walking every night after dinner (simple) and straight up CHUGGING a bottle of water twenty minutes before I eat. It's difficult because I've been so spoiled lately, and my body isn't used to this anymore, but I think I can do it.. and I KNOW that you can.

    Let me know if you'd like to be online workout/diet buds.

    Anyhow, you and your sister look amazing. I'm sorry to hear of all the stress on your end, but just think--- once everything works out, you'll smile at all the hard work you put into it.

    On one last note, I ordered this dress from F21 a few days ago, and seeing it on you makes me even more excited for it to arrive.


  8. Your dress is sooo cute! It works so well with the shoes and sweater! Sorry to hear you have so much going on right now; hopefully it'll all work out for you. :)

  9. what a darling outfit! i love the dress on you. :) i have that other matching-ish one that is light blue instead of dark blue from forever 21.

    i hope you get back on track and everything! i'm sure you will. i feel like weight for me is a constant struggle that sort of hangs out in the background of my life... i find myself eating a lot because i'm bored and food is good.... and i'm trying to exercise but i feel like it never gets me anywhere...sigh. i'm sure things will get better for the both of us, though. :)

  10. Your sister and you look SO much alike! It's so cute:) I love it. My sister has become my best friend in a way that she never has been lately- it's great to get to this age where you're both "adults" and mature enough to talk about real things and have fun, rather than fight like pre-teens and kids! I love it.

    I'm with you on the not exercising thing. It's time to get a routine going.

  11. I really like this dress on you. You and your sister are so cute. That communion party sounds kind of awful but most kid parties are. I hope everything goes well with your mom, and I'm sorry to hear about his grandpa.

  12. Oh I wanted that dress so bad when I saw it on a Forever21's graduation gift ideas. I am still mulling it over. You look fantastic in it though, so it's making it harder to resist buying it also.

    Don't let stress get you down. My best medicine for stress is just walking around my neighborhood with my favorite music playing in my ears. And stress causes weight fluctuation too, so don't stress too much over the scale. You should try to set aside about 30 mins a day to yourself and just relax and quiet your mind with light exercise or even meditation. Works wonders!!

  13. Aww so cute! I'm in love with the dress. I love anything nautical, basically. You look fantastic in it!

    I haven't exercised since last fall. (seriously.) So when I had to run to the supermarket because my mom forgot her wallet, I thought I was driving a knife to my side. I'm so out of shape. Food is my comforter, too, but I don't eat junk food. Try eating grapefruit, whole grain cereal, or roasted seaweed (weird, yeah, but it's so good) because it helps a lot!!

  14. ahhhh that dress is too cute. I have a very similar one from Urban Outfitters. The only difference is that it has white hearts instead of dots. I'm kind of sad at how expensive mine was lol. I should know better by now to just wait because everything I like ends up in a cheaper Forever 21 version. Sorry to hear you are feeling really stressed out about everything =( And that you had to listen to Glee ='( blehh.

    Try not to obsess over eating right and restricting too many calories because then you will feel even worse about everything! I think everyone should have some cheat meals, granted they are exercising! (since I am a trainer, I am required to say incredibly nerdy things like this)

    Feel better, love!

  15. that is the most perfect dress in the world you look soooo adorable.

  16. Very cute outfit! Sorry you're going to have such a stressful week. Just remember to take lots of quiet time to yourself whenever you can! I also need to get back on a diet. Sigh.

  17. looking fab as always, aorry about your stressful week :(


  18. Love the dress, I saw it at F21 too and almost bought it! It so cute on you!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  19. Aaaah. Now I want to wear it! But I told myself I would hold out until Robert's graduation. You are a meanie face. Love how you've styled it too. I haven't quite decided how I'm going to wear it yet. It's so cute that you brought out your little fox friend again :D

    You and your sister are so adorable. Love her dress too :)

  20. You both look wonderful! Love the brooch and your sexy legs! I wish I could pull that off!

  21. Sorry to hear about the job hunt stress... I totally know how that goes. I took this year off before I start college for the sole purpose of working and saving money, but I wasn't able to find a full time job until January (and that one just kind of fell onto my lap when my 1-day-a-week job turned into a 6-day-a-week job overnight due to a medical emergency). I hope you will be able to find something soon!

  22. You and your sister both look marvelous! I'm sorry you're having such a tough go of things. Hopefully things will fall into place soon and you won't get too overwhelmed. xoxo

  23. I love your background, your posts are always so pretty :)

  24. Oh wow, good luck with your crazy week, I hope things are less stressful next week. You and your sister look so cute! I love your cardi and that dress, very sweet!

  25. that dress looks adorable on you girl.
    you and your sister are precious precious babies.

    and i know you'll come out of your craziness unscathed.

  26. Hope things get less stressful for you and hope you get a summer job. That dress is so sweet. You and your sister have the same smile

  27. look at you two sisters looking oh-so-adorable

    your dress is to cute, nicole

    and i agree that when you are busy, it is even more important to eat right and exercise :)



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