Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Makes Me Love You Despite the Reservations?


Hello there! So, I feel like a broken record, but I've been buried under piles of papers and homework lately, and I dug myself out just a little to make this post. Luckily, I finished up a 13 page rough draft last night, which is hopefully decent, and I think I know what I'm doing for the other two papers I have to write. Goodness, I'm so boring right now! Thankfully, Fleet Foxes' new album came out yesterday, and I've been playing it pretty much nonstop. Listening to the whole record is a pretty good motivating force for finishing a paper/staying awake to do work. Have you guys heard the new album? What's your favorite encouraging/feel good music (I could always use more good music in my life!).

So, I really love the colors in this skirt. I got it on sale from Urban Outfitters online, and I can't wait to wear it with some sleeveless tops once summer comes. Oh, and I also changed my blog header! I really just needed a bit of a change, so voila - new header!

Lace top: Forever 21
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Mom's
Trench: H&M




And one silly one, of course. I think I look like a cat?

Until tomorrow,


  1. aahhh i love love this outfit. and yay for the new fleet foxes! the other one was getting to be too much on repeat in my library, it's time for some fresh tunes : )

  2. Shoot, you are one hard working gal! As for my favorite encouraging music, I would go with Blink 182 (gets me pumped), Weezer (I can sing along without thinkin' about it) or She & Him (just nice for my ears).

    I'm really diggin' this skirt. Very colorful and fun.

    xoxo mama wolf

  3. So cute!! I love the colors in that skirt and I would have never thought to pair it with that dainty top but it looks really awesome together. Sorry to hear that you have so much boring work to doo =( But Fleet Foxes are awesome and so is your ability to look like a cat. So, "keep on keeping on" as the old people say. haha.

  4. That skirt has the prettiest colors! I love how you paired it with that lace top. I still haven't heard the new fleet foxes!!! I don't want to buy it on itunes because I wanna buy it in CD form when I get back.. I asked my brother to email it to me so pretty soon I'll listen. Anyways, feel good music for me is normally the Beatles or Harry Nilsson. I also have been listening to Harvest Moon (Neil Young) over and over and over again lately because it just makes me so happy. ^_^ xoxo

    PS I love the new header! I wanna switch up my layout when I get back from my trip. A change is always nice.

  5. I love your new header and the wall with all the ivy growing on it! I still need to get a lace top. I love that you can dress it up or down.

  6. I agree, music is key to staying awake when writing/studying. I'm going to listen to Fleet Foxes right now!

    Love this lace top with the fun little skirt. And the cat picture- so cute!!

  7. That's such a lovely lacy top!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  8. What great layering skills you have! The lace top on top of that stripped dress looks gorgeous, all the cute details like the lace and smaller stripes inside the bigger stripes make this outfit really special.
    Oh, and I love the new header!!

  9. nicole. this is such a beautiful outfit. i love the colorful skirt.
    love love love the new header!!! :)
    have a wonderful rest of the week beautiful.

  10. I really love your new skirt, and your new header too!
    My Heart Blogged

  11. LOVE the new header! I am really new to blogging, and header-making/web design is definitely on my list of things to learn!

    I also really love the new fleet foxes album- my boyfriend works at a record store, so we always get things a little early :)

  12. This is so pretty! The top looks so perfect for the weather and I am glad you got that draft ready :P Urgh, the first parts are always the worse, but everything past that is a piece of cake! I am loving the header by the way! Oh, and um I guess my music to do homework would be... Coldplay. I don't know. It just relaxes me a lot.

  13. HAHA cute last pose ^^ and i like your top :)

  14. Eep! Your new header is adorable :) What program did you use for it?

    I've been buried alive in homework as well, so I feel your pain :( There's only so much a person can take before they have to take a time out. And what better way to time out than pop on blogger and see what everyones been up to!

    The colors in that skirt are perfect for spring and summer. All you need now is for the sun to come out more often and warm things up! Tights weather needs to gtfo. haha


  15. 1. love the new header
    2. love the skirt
    3. love fleet foxes
    4. listen to: dawes, delta spirit, blake mills, vetiver, andrew bird, the morning benders, miniature tigers, grizzly bear, the avett brothers. for starters.

  16. glad to hear your knocked out a rough draft, gets it out of the way :)
    Gorgeous skirt, you look so lovely x

  17. The skirt is so lovely. I really need more bold, graphic skirts--because I got into a stupid rut of buying mostly black ones for work. There are so many clothes I have that I've been "saving" for nicer weather. But it's so annoying! I've just started wearing all the stuff.

    The pretty lace + graphic nature of the skirt is a nice juxtaposition :)

  18. oh loving the skirt - cute outfit as always



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