Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Worm


These photos are from last week, when it was sunny and actually spring-like. As you can see by my last few posts it has been rain city in New York this week, and is supposed to be for the rest of the week as well. I do love the rain. It's good for a lot of things like reading, putting together puzzles, watching movies. I just don't want to miss out on too much spring weather after waiting so anxiously for it to arrive!

Speaking of rainy day reading, I finished my first book of the summer thanks to the rain! I read Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and it was wonderful. I didn't know what to expect when I bought it solely for the interesting title and subject matter, but it's actually really smart and interesting and well thought out! I have a load of unread books on my shelf, and I was looking through just now and saw that I had a copy of Jane Eyre. I was thinking of reading that, since I want to see the movie that's out now, but I'm not sure if I want to jump into a Bronte sister novel (I had to read Wuthering Heights in high school and just could not finish it. Do you have any suggestions for good books to read? I'm all ears!

White blouse: Macy's
Floral top, skirt: H&M
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Delia's




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  1. Read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! I just finished it again and had so much fun reading it. Much better than some boring Brontes (I hated Wuthering Heights, and frankly, Jane Eyre is a bore). I now expect the wrath of bloggers to fall upon me, but whatever. ; )

  2. Another lovely look of yours, I adore your bracelet!
    I have Jane Eyre too, but have not read it yet. I read Wuthering Height a while ago though and didn't like it as much as I was expecting, I guess that's what happens when you hear so many people adoring the book, but still not my liking by far. Hope the other Bronte sister makes me more into their writing ;) I really want to see the new Jane Eyre film too, but need to read the book first!

  3. It's so neat how your tank and skirt together look like a dress...pretty blouse too! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my FAVORITE books. I also love Haruki Murakmi's novels, though I can't promise they'll appeal to you. Of course maybe you've already read some of them, what do I know? Anyway my favorite of his books is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I've never liked Wuthering Heights, but I do like Jane Eyre. And oddly enough, I once took two Facebook quizzes that told me (1) Jane Eyre is the fictional character I'm most like and (2) Jane Eyre the novel is the classic book that best represents me...ha! I also like The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte.

  4. It got really cold and rainy this past week in Indiana too. Sucks.

    Your sheer white sleeved blouse is gorgeous. I love your use of layering here.

  5. omg this is adorable! In my eyes, the best accomplishment is combining a top and skirt so well that it looks like a dress. And this a great success. I LOATHED Wuthering Heights. It sounded like a soap opera I would make up if I were heavily medicated and bipolar. Way too much going on. Ugh. I could gag just thinking about it. hmm. I love a lot of books. Have you ever read any Augusten Burroughs book? He has a bunch of memoirs that are SO hilarious. But if you want something along the lines of a classic, I just recently reread Death in Venice and loved it. But it's super weird. It's about an older man who becomes obsessed with a little boy.. in Venice haha.

  6. I think people everywhere are getting robbed out of spring. It's either downpour or 90 degrees. BOO to mother nature!

    I saw you post on Twitter about the Abe Lincoln book, and I'm not going to lie, nothing has made me laugh more this week. I've been trying to find it in the Barnes and Noble in the town where I go to school, and at the library, but no one has it. They clearly must be boycotting books with the most amazing titles.

    Pretty sure I've just been wanting everything in your closet lately. Your looks are just always so cute that they make my head want to explode. You're just adorable to the 10th degree!

    I wish I'd be able to recommend some sweet books to you, but I've only been reading "It's Good To Be The King"- which is a Mel Brooks biography since he's my favorite human being ever.... not sure you'd find much interest in it unless you're a mega fan of his movies as well!


  7. super cute outfit! Looks like a dress, not three items!

  8. I hadn't read Wuthering Heights or heard anything about it, but I saw a TV adaption of it on Netflix and was like, "Oh, that should be fun to watch" because I assumed it would be like Jane Austen stuff or whatever. Well... yeah... I was definitely wrong about that! haha :)

    I'm reading the 3rd Dragon Tattoo girl book right now. It's kind of weird... I don't really like them, but I HAVE to know how it ends so I keep reading. lol.

    Love the white top under the tank... looks like a dress!

  9. I love the rain because it forces me to stop playing outside like a five-year old and accomplish things indoors.
    Except for those times when I splash in the puddles and walk with an umbrella.
    Which is basically every time.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. As I am writing this comment, a huge torrent of rain just started pouring. It feels to be inside and just listen to the thunder and showers!

    Now I want to pull on my wellies and just dance in the rain :D

  11. Your layering is genius, as usual. I loveeeee summer reading! So far I've read Water For Elephants and the new Sarah Dessen book (shhhhh!). Hehe:)

  12. what a pretty bracelet! I want! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  13. very cute outfit! i think you look nice in blue :)

  14. Oh man, thank you SO MUCH for saying you never finished Wuthering Heights b/c neither did I and I kind of felt like there was something wrong with me because of it. And you're an English type of person so I totally feel validated now. :) Also - quit making me want H&M so bad!!

  15. I love the way the sleeves of the blouse look with this adorable spring ensemble! I found a copy of the Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales at the thrift store for $1 and I have been reading one or two each night! I think this will occupy me for quite some time, as there are over 220 stories! :)

  16. Adorable outfit on you, one of my favorites since I've been following you.

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  17. terrrific! the skirt and top were made for eachother! I don't have the greatest book recommendations, but I finished memoirs of a geisha a few weeks ago (just saw it lying around..) and liked it.

  18. This is so cute!I am working on being able to layer pieces like this, so I'm pretty happy to see how good you are at doing it. I thought you had a dress at first, that's how pro you were at mixing the top and skirt.

    I have a huge stack of books waiting for me as soon as this term comes to an end (June 9 is too far away). I can't wait to read books just because I want to!

  19. I'm officially convinced you are the cutest thing ever.

    Oh and that bangle... I'm in love!!

  20. Loving all the layers and blue hues in this outfit! This is so perfect for Spring and Summer! Ah! I can't wait to get back into reading once my last final is over tomorrow night :)

  21. i really like your outfit! i love the how you paired everything! adorable!

  22. Ah. It seems like you probably read a lot more than me, so I have no idea what I could possibly suggest to you. My favorite stuff includes: Saturday and Atonement (Ian McEwan), Ayn Rand things (though I'd assume you've already read those), The Joy Luck Club, Mao's Last Dancer... Goodness, I can't even remember what books I like.

    I've been meaning to read Jane Eyre. The cinematography for that movie looks so rich and pretty.

    I love your slightly poofy sleeves :) And the blue. I've been weirdly obsessed with blue for no particular reason lately. Must be the childhood me awakening, since that used to be my favorite color.

  23. I love Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter; we got a signed copy from Ebay and it's one of my favorite books.
    You look really cute in this! The layering and prints are darling on you. :D

  24. You look so wonderful! I love you in blue :) I think you should read it, I loved that book and it's kind of a quick read once you get into it.

  25. I love how you paired those two tops together. They look like a little jumper! Cute!
    I heard they are making Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter into a movie; I totally want to go see it!
    I honestly cannot recommend Jane Eyre enough, it is my favorite book. It's such an amazing love story, so suspenseful, and written really well. Once you get past the first few chapters you will be hooked, I promise!

  26. EEP--- You didn't finish Wuthering Heights!?!?!?

    Okay, I'm back, I'm back.
    1. Your hair is perfection, as always.
    2. Blue outfit. Enough said!
    3. How do you feel about memoirs? I'm With the Band by Pamela Des Barres is crude to say the least, but amazing.


  27. Julie Orringer's How to Breathe Underwater is the best collection of short stories. I also love Lorrie Moore's stuff.

  28. Jolie robe ;)



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