Thursday, May 5, 2011

We've Been Spending Most Our Lives Living In a Gangster's Paradise


Hello there! So, last week, I posted that I was given an assignment by my classmates to write a "gangster rap" poem, and some of you expressed interest of seeing this proof of my ghetto-fabulousness. So, I'll post said poem at the end of this post! This is what I wore to read my rap to the class. I don't know about you, but I personally find high waisted pants and oxfords quite intimidating. I'm sure you wouldn't want to run into me on the street or anything while I'm wearing this outfit, right? Yeah, the class had a good laugh about me reading my rap in this getup, particularly because of my totally gangster flower hair clip. Anyway, I almost wore my dad's old tuxedo sweater instead of this tee, but I thought I would look too tough. Ah, another day my dear tuxedo sweater! This tee shirt is absolutely one of my favorites. It's a threadless tee called the Scream-o. It's a play on the painting The Scream, but it's an emo kid at a skate park. I appreciate its wit! Anyway, part of the reason I decided to wear this tee is because I wore it last year during conference week (my school's "finals week"), and my faculty advisor saw me wearing it and was all, "Is that how you feel right now?" and I was all "ABSOLUTELY". And now that it's conference week again, I thought it'd be fun to bring it out.

Tee: Threadless
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden




And, without further ado, my terribly gangster rap...


Let me tell you all a story, cause I know you want to hear one,
About the time I saw my brother die, set like a winter sun.
I saw the cancer cut through him, sure and erratic,
Like a spear headed bullet from a semi-automatic.
I watched his stringy hair drop dying to the floor
Like the dollars in my hand at the jewelry store.

I got him everything he could ever want or need
His favorite meals to eat, though he was never hungry,
A chain with his name spelt in immortal gold,
The richest cashmere blanket to keep him from the cold,
And then my job was done, I left him there alone
To go roll with my homies, go make some ladies moan.
By choice I blew my life away, like a cigarette
While the cancer faded my poor brother to a silhouette.

Now he’s dead and gone, with a tombstone for a name
And I’m stuck here, alone, with my life gone up in flames.
Every day I look for answers in the pools of blood I fill,
But the guilt only gets stronger with every heart I kill.
I see my brother’s shadow in every chilling breeze,
And I spend my life wishing I could have killed a disease.

That would be my gangster pose. Yes, I did that after I read my rap. Yes, my entire class things I'm insane gangster.

Until tomorrow,
Nicole (Aka Lil Nickie aka Testafly aka Coco Maria)


  1. i adore the t-shirt you're wearing!! definitely scream :D
    and the pants look great on you! i'm still too shy to try out this trend...maybe someday!

  2. hahaha, wonderful post.
    i loved your poem.
    that tshirt is perfect. i love threadless..i own a couple of their tshirts.
    now thanks to your title i have the Coolio song stuck in my head.
    have a wonderful thursday love.

  3. OHH DAYUMMM GURL U BE KILLEN EM!! Seriously this is awesome! Marry me. I love that t shirt too haha. Very clever.

    Okay, so rap may not be your thing, but there's this awesome rapper named Cage and he's like... a hipster rapper haha. And he's the coolest and his lyrics are amazing. If you have this hood/gangster talent and like clever rhymes, you should totally check him out.

  4. Love it!! My favorite part is that you did the "gangster pose" after you finished reading! Adorkable in so many ways!! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  5. Awsome t-shirt!
    Loving your gangster rap!

  6. LOVE your poem! i think you're awesomely brave to share your work so candidly on your blog. you did such a great job! and your gangsta pose at the end is adorable, lol.. <3 i love the tee shirt, especially since munch is one of my favorite artists. very witty! Xx

  7. This is the BEST! Great post. I loved reading your poem, and your outfit is so cool, especially with those shoes.

  8. haha, that shirt is awesome! prefect for the theme. :)

    and the pose! killer. i'm intimidated.

  10. This is pretty much the best post ever!
    Your rap is epic! I think you got in the spirit perfectly. As I was reading it in my head I was rapping along. It didn't sound great because I'm too white to rap. haha, but fer real the words were written well!

    Can we talk about this outfit?! Oh my gosh, I would absolutely wear this! I've recently purchased a bunch of high waisted pants to fulfill my need for them and they pretty much make everything I wear with them seem really pulled together. Wearing them with a shirt like this is exactly what I'm talking about. It's such a pulled together but still kind of quirky look.


    1. your gangster rap
    2. your gangster pose
    3. your wonderful pairing of a graphic tee with those pants. (i have those pants & never thought of that but now i'm gonna try)

    Also, I sent you a postcard today.. but i couldn't read any of the writing on the mailbox and there were two different slots to choose from so i just took a chance and plopped it in one! hopefully i stuck it in the right slot!!! D:

  12. Lovvvvvvvvvvve! You are epic! Brilliant piece of writing! Also, I love the Screamo tee. But frankly, what you really need is this t-shirt:

  13. Hhahah this is all wonderful. Your rap is good, I can definitely see the hood in you now =] hahaha

    xoxo mama wolf.

  14. Awssssomeee. Im gonna hook you up with some sweet beats and you're gonna be the next Nicki Minaj or other female rappers whose names I do not know...

  15. HAHA funny poem. and sweet pose at the end xD

  16. You are the most ganster person ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your outfit and everything about this post!! love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!


  17. Ahh man! those were some sick rhymes! and the pose to go along with it to. I like the preppy take, high waisted pants and oxfords to contrast the baggy gansterwear.

  18. That's just awesomeness Nicole! Totally gangsta:)
    You look darling in those pants. You actually make me want to get a pair.

  19. I really love this outfit, its so different from your usual posts! What a great twist:)
    Very cute :)


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