Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Clowns Don't Wear Lace

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From the first time I tried on this blouse, it reminded me of clown clothes. The polka dots, the oversized bow, the tent shape - clown! This was, of course, a selling point for me. Of course I had to throw in my little red socks as a nod to the circus.

At work today, my boss complimented my blouse, pointing out how "fantastic" the bow was, and I of course, said it was a little bit clowny. This started a five minute talk about my outfit by both of my bosses, in which my younger boss made an astute point: "The lace makes it less clowny. If there wasn't that lace, though. Clowns don't wear lace." Check and match. Also, they were really impressed that the lace blouse was separate from the polka dot blouse (at which point I exclaimed, "LAYERING!"). Also also, I really like my job. Also also also, I know I've been an awful blog pal. It's a lame excuse, but school's picked up, and I haven't been able to manage my time well enough to get around to reading blogs. But I miss it so, and I miss you guys a ton, so hopefully I'll get my butt in gear and start commenting on your beautiful blogs again. Thanks for sticking with me!

Bow Blouse: Nordstrom, Lace Blouse: Forever 21, Jeans: Levi's, Shoes: Ruche

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  1. haha that's too awesome that you have coworkers who talk about your clothes! :D And even better that they appreciate the layering aspect and note that you indeed do not look like a clown. ;) That's an adorable bow and lace top though, and it goes so nicely with the polka dots. You look more like a delicious wedding cake to me!

  2. Your outfit, first of all, makes me happy. I want that lace blouse likerightnow and I like the playful touches you added. (: And don't feel bad for being busy--I've been pretty bad, myself.

  3. Aw, I love this outfit! And the story with it was awesome to read. I do adore the lace layered with the blouse. It's kind of ingenious, really! So cute.

  4. my google reader is full of about 200 odd posts. my internet is currently too slow

  5. "LAYERING"!! Awesome! ;) I love how you did that! Also, your little red socks make me happy. hehe. the only reason i'm being better about commenting the past couple days is because i've been off from school...!

  6. hahaha your job sounds fun. I really like this outfit. Those jeans look great too. Ugh I've been wanting new spring clothes so bad. I've been so uninspired to blog outfits lately because I'm in such a style rut.

  7. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalApril 11, 2012 at 11:48 AM

    I don't think you look like a clown at all! I love the peak of red from your socks and that big bow on your top! I'm so glad you're enjoying your job too.

  8. Hehehe...if that's clowny then I think only the most beautiful clown in the world would wear it:) Between the polka dots and the oversized bow I am in total swoon mode. The red socks are really the icing on the cake. Your job sounds fun and reminds me of conversations I would have with my coworkers at my last job. So pretty as always Nicole! xx Marisa

  9. You look absolutely lovely! I love that your colorful socks are peaking out :)

    xo Jennifer


  10. You are simply darling! I'm listening to Billy Holiday's "The Very Thought of You", and it just compliments your cutesy little outfit so well. I love when things like that match up!

  11. As a former clown, I'd have to say this top is reminiscent of circus life. But I think more of the good side of the circus. The happiness and joy that surrounds it. Either way, it's a cool top and you styled it up wonderfully!

    And about commenting back? I'm responding to your blog post from 2 weeks ago, imagine how awful my blog reading has become. lol


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