Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smells Like Wilderness


Do you ever put together an outfit that just feels really...right? There are days where I get dressed, and though the outfit looks fine, it just doesn't feel like I should be wearing it. Today's outfit came together surprisingly nicely. After hitting the snooze button for an hour due to the cool, dreary weather outside, I had about twenty minutes to get ready and leave the house. It was kind of like, "I like this dress. It's cold. What sweater matches? It's rainy. Boots for the mud. Still cold. Denim jacket. That hat looks cozy. Aaaaaaand, break!" I always talk about my style being pretty undefined, but I do know that I'm always trying to strike the middle ground between cute/girly and rugged/practical, and I feel like this is pretty close to that. Speaking of rugged, I may as well share my thoughts on men's deodorant (obvious connection, I know). I was in CVS to pick up some deodorant the other day, and since the lady products are right next to the men's, I thought I'd take a gander at the more "masculine scents": Smells like freedom! Smells like wilderness! Smells like pine trees and magic! Smells like awesome! And I couldn't help but think, "Hell, I'd much rather smell like a forest at dawn than a citrus fruit mixed with ginger." I did go with my usual boring deodorant, but am I wrong in thinking those sound so superior? I don't even care If I'm wrong. Or, if this is weird. I don't care SO MUCH that I'm going to go and make the title of this post a man deodorant scent. It's been a long week. I'm very tired. Pardon my tangential deodorantial ways.

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Dress: Pretty Penny in Oakland, Sweater: Forever 21, Jean Jacket: Salvation Army, Tights: Asos, Hat: Hot Topic, Boots: Famous Footwear





Also! I thought I'd share a little DIY I tried out today! Elsie, of A Beautiful Mess, posted this DIY a while back, about how to make song lyric art from a vintage paint by number kit. I couldn't find a paint by number kit, so I used heavy duty scrapbooking paper instead and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I actually made one with Shins lyrics ("I learned fast how to keep my head up") last Friday, but wanted to try another. So, this one has lyrics from one of my newest favorite songs, Come Here and Love Me by Doug Paisley (it's a beautiful, lovey dovey song that you should all hear). The paper had a vintage postcard print on it, which I loved. I can't wait to add this little DIY to my ecclectic wall of pretty things, which I may have to photograph in full for you soon



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  1. very pretty :) (outfit, you and the DIY)
    and I like smell of men's deodorants, too :D

  2. Haha, I have used mens deodorant too before. It does smell good.

    Love the outfit.

  3. YES! I get an outfit that is "right" and wear it to death. Also, a proud men's deodorant wearer here! All through high school. When I used to work at bath and body works they had a mens line of soaps and I would use them because they were so piny and natural smelling (then I moved on to Dr Bronners, the manliest soap there is ;) )
    I lovelovelove this you are looking so awesome. The color combo is just utter autumnal perfection.
    ALSO I wanna do that DIY, its stellar!

  4. You look absolutely beautiful. The outfits you put together are always such an inspiration!

    Today, I had twenty minutes or so to get ready, and I opted for a giant sweater dress and boots. Yikes!

  5. this outfit is perfection!!! it is so colorful and yet everything works so well and doesn't overwhelm. you look totally gorgeous. my best friend in college wore men's deodorant and i always thought she was so much cooler than me for that. my boyfriend has cologne that smells like wood. literally. it even comes in a faux-wood bottle. it's amazingly manly :)

  6. 1. This outfit is adorable, I love it when combos turn out accidentally awesome.
    2. I have purchased men's deodorant before but I ended up hating the smell, I'm back to regular unscented.
    3. Love your art work, I did the same DIY from Elsie's blog a couple months ago.

  7. Love the colors in that dress! I love how you pull of the rugged/girly look, that's something I have yet to master without looking like a high school art geek (read: my former high school self).

    DIY is neat-o! (people still say that, right? right.) I'll have to try it!

  8. Isn't that the best way to come up with an outfit. It's organic in that way I think:)

    And the reason behind the title of your post is awesome!

  9. The DIY is wonderful! I gotta try that myself! I find myself always battling being too girly/too cutesy/too rugged. But I think you managed to balance and combine all of them in this one outfit! Like you said on my blog--some of the greatest outfits are the ones that don't require a whole lot of thought!

  10. Loving this adorable look! Your dress is SO pretty and I absolutely love the way that you styled/layered it. Gorgeous! Happy weekend, girly!! xo veronika

    ps - love the poster you made, can't wait to see it up on your wall! :)

  11. This is probably one of my favorite looks from you! It's so colorful! And I agree; sometimes the best outfits come from just throwing something together. Usually when I plan ahead an outfit, I end up thinking too much and the outfit becomes a disaster. When I'm tired or don't care what I look like, I just throw some pieces together and it turns out to be 10X better than a planned outfit.

    I just use the original Dove deodorant. I don't think it smells bad, but it doesn't smell interesting either.

  12. I love that you invented the word deodorantial. I think it looks quite dashing, if I do say so. Anyway, I love looks that come together in a whirl of activity--somehow they seem more natural and awesome than the contrived, planned ones, huh? I love the color you've got going on. (:

  13. I know I'm sooo behind on reading blogs, but I love this colorful look! I think everything works great together!

  14. i totally get what you're saying with your clothes. i try to find the same balance.


  15. This outfit is perfect! And go for the men's deodorant next time I say! Noone should make you wear Orchard Blossom or whatever if you'd rather wear Fly Fishing. Weirdest scent I ever tried (in handcream form): Campfire. It did get old rather fast! : D

    Outfits like this I always wear to death!


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