Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Picking


Yesterday was the most wonderful day I've had in a long time. It may have been the quintessential autumn experience. In any case, it was fun and beautiful. We headed up to Fishkill Farms to do some apple picking. I've never been apple picking before, but it was so, so much fun! Trekking through muddy, grassy orchards to find apples - which are delicious - and then exploring the pumpkin and strawberry patches was fantastic. I may have even climbed into an apple tree (exciting!). The afternoon was completed with some chilled apple cider and apple cider donuts, both of which were delicious. Later that night, we went to an amazing Jack O' Lantern festival in the area, but I'm saving those pictures for tomorrow's post because there are just so many! God, I really love autumn.

Oh, and just a note on what I'm wearing. This dress is actually the lovely Jasmine's! We're currently doing a little clothing swap. I actually almost purchased this dress a while back, and now I'm borrowing it from her. Thanks Jasmine!

Dress: Jasmine's from Forever 21, Boots: Steve Madden, Socks: Target



First pick!


And it's delicious!


So excited, we're out of focus


Oh, the pumpkins! Possibly my favorite part of fall



Awkward field dancing



What am I doing in this tree?


What am I doing on this haystack?


Cheryl and Mike on the haystack!


So beautiful


Phew, lots of photos! But there was just so much good-ness, I couldn't help but share.

Until tomorrow,


  1. You are so cute. It looks like the most amazing day :)

  2. Looks like you guys had fun :) I wish I could look as cute as you when I go apple picking!

  3. These pictures are all fantastic so I cannot wait to see the ones you're showing us next. You look too cute and looks like you had lots of fun!

  4. I would love to go apple picking! You look so happy and pretty in all your photos. I love the one of you in the tree! I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch next weekend. I'm so excited for fall to arrive.

  5. Lovely photos! This looks like so much fun, you look absolutely lovely in Jasmine's dress too xo

  6. That dress is ADORABLE! I wanted to buy it, too. Back in the day! It's the perfect dress to transition into fall!

  7. Looks like such an amazing day! You look so pretty and happy! Umm apple cider doughnuts? I suddenly have a craving!

  8. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time : ) It's that time of year again!!

  9. i love that you're just 'on a haystack' haha. so funny.
    i've never been apple picking! we don't really have apples around here. we've got just about everything else.

  10. such a beautiful dress! I would love to go apple picking one day! Too bad there's nowhere here to do that, but it looks so fun :)

  11. These photos are adorable! This looks and sounds like THE perfect fall day!

  12. Ah, it looks wonderful! And that's a perfect dress for apple picking!

  13. beautiful! (the scenery AND you~) I wish we had somewhere around here to pick apples! I bet they were delicious!

  14. this looks like so much fun! i need to find an apple picking place around here...i always want to do autumny things, but i never get around to it! it makes me sad!

    you look so cute! love how that dress look on you. :)

  15. I can not wait for apple picking! I can find apple cider donuts anywhere near me, so I have to drive about 4 hours north get apple pick and get those donuts!! haha!!

    And the pictures are cute:) I love the one of you on the haystack.

  16. you look so, so happy in these pictures - that's what makes them so beautiful! love the outfit, love the apples and pumpkins and love that you had a happy day doing such fun things! Xx

  17. I love this dress, and the setting is beautiful! I can't wait to pick pumpkins!

  18. apple picking sounds like so much fun! i've never been, but it looks like you had a wonderful time! i love that dress and you are gorgeous. <3

  19. Everyone is posting about apple picking and pumpkin patches. . . I wanna go!!!

  20. That is such a cute dress! You look absolutely adorable! And it looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm quite jealous :)

  21. Apple picking looks like so much fun :) these are beautiful photos.
    You look adorable, this dress suits you perfectly and I love how you paired it with boots for a great comfy look.

    Join my giveaway♥

  22. Oh yes I am quite a bit jealous, but more so, happy to see an easygoing day spent like this in contrast to some of the darker ones you've had.
    'What am I doing in this tree?'
    'What am I doing on this haystack?'
    Heehee this should be the blogsphere's new meme, if only the sphere wasn't such a square. Ha! xx

  23. Oh my god you are the cutest. These are like quintessential postcard pictures for fall. Glad to hear you had such a good day!


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