Friday, September 28, 2012

Navy Gray-vy

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Hoo-whee, am I tired. So tired that I started this post with the phrase "hoo-whee." I give you permission to judge me. Tonight has been exciting, because I got to see a performance of a play I wrote. It was weird, really weird. Not the play, I mean, (though it was about pickles), but the seeing of it. I hardly ever share my poetry, even with my closest friends. I don't much go to open mics, or poetry readings - situations where I would read my own work. So, to see people acting out a play that I wrote. WOAH, SO WEIRD. To hear my words being spoken(super, super skillfully) from the mouths of two dudes, and to hear people laughing at weird pickle-related jokes I wrote. Weird. If I wasn't so tired I'd do a weird count right now, but my math is bad to begin with, so I'm just going to guess we're at 47 "weirds."

I just remembered that my side-bar self-description over to the left there talks about how I'm not very good with putting myself outside of my comfort zone. For the record, that phrase makes me think of me, in a little circle of light, and then stepping out being surrounded by shadow phantasms with wriggly fingers. Anyway, that is a true statement. So, whenever I do step out into shadow phantasm land, for no matter how long, it gives me this glowy sense of accomplishment, and my little light zone expands with that accomplishment. Sometimes I feel silly, you know. People write plays all the time, read their work aloud all the time, uh, interact with their peers all the time. But really, we all function at our own rate, have our own fears, and feel good about different things. So if I do something I haven't done before, and I feel accomplished from it, that's a good thing. LET US ALL REJOICE AND EAT SOME PICKLES.

Dress: Forever 21, Shirt: Gap, Shoes: Vintage

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So excited!

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  1. Yaaaay pickle play! I would be so nervous to have a play I wrote performed (that is if I wrote plays and if someone ever wanted to perform them). That is definitely something to feel accomplished about! Woohoooo I wish I was there to see it.

    I can't wait to see you. Really I can't wait.

  2. B'AWEWWEADS I'm so glad that you did step out of your comfort zone and felt fuzzy and accomplished and amazing, 'cause you totally are! That's so awesome, eeek. :D :D I'm super happy for you~! perhaps this will make you more inclined to share things in the future? :)

    Yer lookin' cute in all your navy and gravy and grey colors. Stripes and polka dots, yeah!

  3. aww i'm so excited to hear that you did the play and it went well!! i really wish i could see the outcome. :) i'm proud of you gurl!! hopefully you made some connections and met some people in the process of all your pickle jokes! ;)

    that's one thing i like about being in college now - i have all these opportunities to get outside my comfort zone and even though it's difficult, i'm finding myself doing it more and more! i love it.

    also, your knee highs rock my socks. GET IT? HAHAHA :3

  4. Wow, you wrote a play and people performed it, and people watched -- that's INCREDIBLE! I can't imagine how fulfilling and uplifting that must feel. So amazing. I'm really impressed and a bit intimidated! And yet not surprised. You're an awesome girl; of course you do awesome things. And look really stupidly cute while doing them. Bitch. ;) <3

  5. Um... that's amazing! You should be doing a happy jig in your pictures!

  6. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalSeptember 28, 2012 at 9:28 PM

    Wooo pattern mixing! Love! And I love you in the pink lip-ness ;) I would LOVE to see the play you wrote about pickles! Sounds so awesome! I know a play writer! Ahh! <3

  7. Where did you get your bag and what brand is it?

  8. It's gotta be exhilarating, too, though, right? (That sentence seems to have too many commas but I believe they all need to be there...) So it's... weirdzilarating. (I spelled that with a 'z' because the sound seemed counter-intuitive with "xh" instead.) Anyway, this comment is getting out of hand. Dig the outfit. Wish I could see your writing performed.


  9. You are too cute and your wardrobe is too perfect.
    Congratulations on the play, wonderful things come from putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. I'm in the same position as you right now and it's freeing.


  10. i really love your knee high socks! they are totally adorable on you. and it sounds like you have been doing lots of fun things though!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. you're cute. this outfit is cute. and yay for the play! i doubt i would've been able to do that.


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