Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rising Like the Sun

sep 23 1

I woke myself up stupidly early today, earlier than I have to wake up at any point during the week when I have actual commitments. As I sit on the porch wrapped in a blanket, chew (read: scarf down) this warm pumpkin muffin, and sip (read: gulp down) coffee from my "bearly awake" mug, and listen to slow Avett Brothers jams, it feels pretty worth it. The thing is, I haven't really had a moment like this since school started, where I didn't feel guilty for relaxing, where I felt actually, really, calm. I know that everyone gets overwhelmed when school starts up again, or a vacation ends and routine returns, so I'm going to do something really original and say, Phew, I have been overwhelmed. See, I didn't actually do something original there, but it was kind of a surprise because I lied to you. Right? Right. I was going to list all of my current commitments, but then I was like, you guys do not want to read that, and I don't really want to see all of that in list form because it would probably make me hide completely under this blanket. Though, that does sound pretty cozy. I will say though, that I've been pushing myself to try a few new things lately (teaching, play writing) and that it's been a weird sort of rewarding, being catapulted into things I can't possibly be wonderful at on the first go. I'm insecure, but trying to channel that nauseous nagging gut-feeling into doing better, and being excited that a year ago, I would not, not ever, be trying these things out, or trusting myself as much as I currently am. Can we raise our bear mugs to trying new things and trusting ourselves? Clink. (That was the clink of our bear mugs, for the record).

Dress/skirt: Pretty Penny Vintage, Sweater: TJ MAXX, Tights: Target, Shoes: Vintage

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  1. Those checks are so pretty! You look adorable!


  2. Pumpkin muffin?! Sounds like a perfect start to fall, just as this outfit is--I loooove the plaid! And that cozy sweater looks so cozy and sweater-like (wow, that was a horrible description, good job Ali) and asdkjalskdafs this is just one of my favorite looks on you, I think. YOU HATH INSPIRED ME.

    Also, yer hair is rly cute up in a bun. <3

  3. girl, you always look so effortlessly cool and put together, in such an un-contrived "I just threw this on" kind of way. it's awesome - love it. Xx

  4. You are so incredibly cute :)

  5. CLINK! I'm currently very all about trying new things are trusting myself. It's so very uncomfortable but I'm glad that I'm trying!

    My roommate really likes the Avett Brothers and somehow, I haven't listened to them yet! I guess since you like them too, I should give them a listen!


  6. Hattitude
    Style Blog

    ooo were you listening to the new avett brother's cd? how is it nicole? also LOVE this plaid skirt.

    talk soon wild child

    Style Blog

  7. I have been bad at commenting on blogs because well, for one, that would require reading them. I had a day like this the other day. For whatever reason Monday felt like the first day of summer, and not just because I laid out by the pool. It's a rarity to have stress free days to just relax and enjoy simple things so I am so glad to see this is just what you did! Hopefully this doesn't seem strange but you look different. There's something about your new confidence and independence that is coming out in your outfits and personality. It's a good thing! Keep on keeping on.

  8. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalSeptember 26, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    As painful as it is to get up at 6AM when I have fieldwork, I rather like it. The world isn't quite awake yet, and everything is just quiet. This whole year is filled with new things for me--student teaching, grad school, being sorta single. It's been wonderful! I wanna hear more about your teaching (we can bond some more! yay!), so email me about that sometime if you've got the time<3 That sweater looks so cozy! I can't believe you're in tights already! It's still in the 80's here!

    PS. I totally giggled when I read that you had a "bearly awake" mug! So you and so cute! :)


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