Friday, September 7, 2012

You Swept Me Away

sept 7 2

Man, I was doing so well with blogging frequently. What happened, huh? Well, I could tell you what happened I suppose. This week was spent running around campus, speaking with teachers, filling out forms, waiting in lines, losing my pen, and subsequent fantastic email exchanges with professors about said pen. My head has just been swirling all week, sometimes murkily, like a swamp, and sometimes deliciously, like a big crockpot of chili. My senior year is just beginning, and I'm fighting the itch to already be finished. I keep fluctuating between sheer terror and extreme eagerness to look for a job, an apartment, a new home town. It looks like I'll be challenging myself a lot this semester, both personally and academically, which is good, but I can feel those undeniable thoughts of being overwhelmed and wanting to roll around on the floor weeping while listening to slow Avett Brothers jams. I may have actually done that several times this week. Maybe. I can't confirm or deny anything. I did though. My feelings about boys and work and senior year and writing and my social life have been a little (very) crazy and frustrating and "what even" lately, which I'm sure you can tell by how incoherent the text in this post is. I've been drinking a lot of coffee. In fact all I want right now is a pumpkin spice latte. And maybe some rain. But definitely not cuddling, no way. Maybe.

I wore this outfit last night for Fashion's Night Out. I wish I could tell you I had a hyper-glamorous night full of eager street style photographers, but honestly, my sister and I just walked around for three hours brooding behind people in high shoes and weeping over beautiful expensive clothes. Just another Thursday, amiright.

Dress: Modcloth, Boots: Vintage, Brooch: DIY

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sept 7 8

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sept 7 7

"Look ma, no hands!"

sept 7

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Until tomorrow,


  1. Sounds like an incredibly busy week. But this outfit is incredibly darling, so Lord knows you look adorable while doing all of it. Modcloth is wonderful for their vintage-inspired designed. The yellow details on the dress are great and I love it paired with those leather booties. Too cute!


  2. Your dress is lovely! I've had a crazy week too so I feel you there!


  3. Hi, adorable. Lea has that dress, too, and it looks equally amazing on both of you. Now I'm wishing I had bought it because it's that great. (: Sounds like you've got a lot of things going on in your life which makes me a bit jealous since I don't have many things at all, haha.

  4. LOL brooding over expensive clothes, eh? You poor darling~ ; w; <3

    At least you've been keeping yourself very busy with productive things! So much going on, and I've been feeling the same way, too. But I like it this way... it's better than not having anything to do all day, am I right? :D

    Gosh, this dress is too cute. I seriously adore the yellow against the grey. And that dipper constellation pin is fantastic. You make such fantastic little things! <3 It's such a perfect touch.

  5. oh by poor darling I totally wasn't implying you're poor lol lol justtoletyouknowsoyoudon'tthinki'mbeingarudeface

  6. that dress! so cute! and that's how my week has been too. ugh my brain hurts.

  7. gurl you ALWAYS glamorous. and i know just how you feel about brooding over expensive clothes...OH WAIT we did that too. heh

    i love your pin! :D

  8. You look splendid! I like this new broach design you came up with. It's very cute!

  9. Oh my goodness, you look adorable! Love your boots and dress...such a pretty combination! Adore your blog xx


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