Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apple Picking

oct 2 5

Autumn is absolutely, decisively my favorite season. For a while, I was between autumn and spring, but last year autumn so totally won. You've got sweaters of every color and cozyness, you've got pumpkins, you've got pumpkin flavored delights, you've got ruddy golds and oranges and glowy browns taking over the trees, you've got my birthday, you've got thanksgiving, you've got hot chocolate and blankets and cuddling with yo' bad self or someone else's bad self, you've got apple picking, and a ton of other awesome things I'm missing because my brain just can't handle all this fall splendor, holy cow. However, I'm super busy this autumn and my weekends have been spent mostly reading about the Russian revolution while pulling my hair out. That's when I was all, Hey, I need to be doing more fall things, or fall's going to be over and I'll have nothing fall-y to show for it, and will then be depressed. So, last weekend I baked pumpkin muffins, and this weekend, I got more ambitious and ventured out to Barton Farms for some quality autumn adventures! We did a whole lot of apple picking, and strolling through what felt like endless rows of apples and apples and apples. I ran around a pumpkin patch because, holy cow, I love pumpkins (and I found a favorite to take home!). We ate apple cider donuts, and apple dumplings, and I ate an apple right from the tree because why the hell not. I really just love autumn, okay guys. Please enjoy these photos of me nerding out. AUTUMN.

oct 2 2

oct 2 1

oct 2 3

This wasn't even posed

oct 2 4

oct 2 12

oct 2 7

oct 2 10

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oct 2 8

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  1. I love love love your blog! I have been following it for a while now, but I never leave any comments, but now I had to, these photos are awesome, and you look great on them:)

  2. hahaha I love how you just go out there knowing you need to do fall things before fall is over... yeah, I've been thinking about that too, like, I totally need something FALL RELATED for my blog. GURL APPLE PICKING IS SO FALL. SO FALL.

    And your sweater is cute, and you are cute.

  3. you are precious! that brown color looks amazing on you. i can't wait to go apple/pumpkin picking. i look forward to it every year!

  4. Hattitude
    Style Blog

    great shots! maybe i will have to go apple picking. i LOVE apple picking...and also pumking carving. my favourite thing is squishing the pumpkin guts between my fingers after you carve out the centre! ha

    talk soon wild child

    Style Blog

  5. Omgosh, apple picking is one of the things on my bucket list! I'm so jealous! And I agree, autumn is also my favorite season, combined with Christmas (is that even a season? Of course it should be!). And pumpkin picking looks amazing as well, I went when I was a kid but it was in this small-ish yard with only a few pumpkins to choose from...

  6. the photos of you being all PUMPKINS OMG are so cute.
    i also love fall, but it is still 100 degrees out. i am sad.

  7. BAH I NEED TO DO ALL THIS OR I'LL NOT DO ANYTHING AND MISS EVERYTHING. good for you for getting a start on the lovely autumnal activities! <3 your sweater is the cutest thing and you remind me of a pumpkin IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAYS

  8. this is such a fun post and I couldn't help but giggle reading about your writing nerding out about Autumn!

    The Sweetest

  9. This such an awesome post, I've seen so many apple/pumpkin posts lately and I think you are the only person who genuinely looks like they are having an amazing time. I love these photos xo

    Alice (www.pretty-confused.com)

  10. That is the perfect fall sweater. You just reminded me that I really wanna go pumpkin picking before Halloween! :)

  11. PUMPKIN MUFFINS AND APPLE CIDER DONUTS?? GIVE ME YOUR LIFE. Seriously though... I need to do some baking, stat! You look so freaking adorable in your pumpkin attire... that last pic is fucking ace. XD

  12. Your photos are so autumn-tastic! I kind of want to steal you sweater, it looks SO cozy!

    I've actually never done this whole apple-pumpkin picking thing. I think once as a child. I guess in Wisconsin, autumn is just about cheese and beer.. as is the rest of the year. lol

  13. Wonderful photos!!! Your argument for why fall is the best would convince anyone!

  14. YOUR BOOTS. I love them. Please tell me where I can acquire a pair for myself.


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