Monday, March 12, 2012

A Walk In the Park


On Sunday, I hung out with Callie! She's staying in New York for a few days, and I was so happy we got a chance to see each other while she's here. After I mixed up the museums we had planned to meet up (she was at the museum of natural history and I was at the met. WHOOPS), we magically managed to find each other by a jazz band in the middle of Central Park. We spent most of the afternoon just walking around the park and talking about everything from blogging and clothes to The Tingler and her town's Pumpkin Fest (which I now really, really want to attend). We went on a quest to find her a knish (which was surprisingly difficult considering the amount of food carts we encountered) and then were all "We should probably take pictures." It was such a fun time. It makes me so happy to think about the friends I've made through this blog, like Callie. I'm hoping to visit her sometime soon now!





This is almost a picture of the both of us, right?

Until tomorrow,


  1. Aw you two are so cute! :) It sounds like you had one fun day. I'd love to see youuu again my dear. Visit SF again soon!! hehe

  2. I want to hang out in Central Park in the sunshine! I've definitely done the place mix-up before... last time when I went to Café du Soleil and my friend to Café de Soleil, which I guess was fair enough! Anyway, lovely to see you two ladies together!

  3. Love your shorts! You are adorable!

  4. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalMarch 14, 2012 at 1:00 AM

    So jealous! Wish I could take a walk in the park with you! You both look super cute!

  5. This is going to sound so repetitive but...OMGGG SO JEALOUS. I just love you girls (YEAH I SAID IT) and want to hang out with y'all so bad! You both look so gorgeous and like y'all are having so much fun!!

  6. Not to be blunt, but are you wearing spandex or anything?

  7. aww looks like so much fun! I'd def get lost in NYC & most certainly in Central Park, looks like so much going on there always & so big.


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