Friday, March 23, 2012

Going Down the Rabbit Hole


I found this dress about a week ago while wandering around in a Delia's. I'm really not a fan of their clothes (though, time travel back three years and I was boasting a closet that looked like an actual Delia's store) but once I spotted this little number, covered in various zoo animals, I was sold. Not to mention I had a ye olde credit that I was surprisingly allowed to use. Anyway, it was so warm and breezy today, that I figured a flowy zoo themed dress was in order. I was quite pleased to be sent on a bunch of errands at work today, if only to be allowed a little bit more time in the sunshine, driving with the windows down, and click-clacking around on Tarrytown sidewalks. After work, I met up with an old pal, and we got some yummy dinner, reminisced about good (and bad) times, and went to an ARCADE. The five year old nature of my dress really came in handy while we were playing Mario Kart, a creepy multiplayer version of Pac-man (where the goal is to eat your competitors. uh.), and deal or no deal (which we were not very good at LET ME TELL YOU). Quite a fun spring day if you ask me. He even let me use up the tickets to get a (slightly off looking) Batman plush.

Dress: Delia's, Blouse: Cotton On, Boots: Vintage, Bag: Urban Outfitters




Hulk hands!


Until tomorrow,


  1. This whole outfit is so Springy and pretty. I love your rings, and that lace top looks so nice over the sundress. That arcade sounds like so much fun. I love arcades. I love PacMan. I would have gotten so many tickets.

  2. Creepy multiplayer pacman game? I'm down.

    This dress is very cute, though, and I too am weary of Delia's for some reason haha! I never seem to walk in there. But that dress was a good reason to go in. It's so pretty!

  3. I absolutely love this look! The print on the dress is so cute and I love the crochet vest. I'm in the midst of searching for one myself. Have a great weekend Nicole!

  4. love this outfit.. i really like how you put the lace blouse over the dress. the outfit has a very vintagey feel!

  5. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalMarch 23, 2012 at 1:11 PM

    Oh my goodness I adoreeeee that dress! This outfit is wonderful. I love the lace top layered over it and the scarf in your hair :) It sounds like you had a really fun day too!

  6. Emily_RubySlippersMarch 23, 2012 at 3:42 PM

    Damn, Nicole, this look is amazing. I love the animal print, and it's genius with that top and the headscarf!

  7. Loove love love how you wore that lace over the adorable dress! always love those boots too & sounds like such a fun day goofing around w/ a friend : )

  8. someone is looking mucho adorbz. and i want to play that pacman game.

  9. You. Look. Adorable.

    That dress is so great and I love every time you throw that lace top over anything, honestly.

  10. Forever 21 made this dress last summer with spaghetti straps and buttons down the front. I have it, and that same lace top. Never thought of pairing them together though... Cute!

  11. I don't know if you know hot damn hot you look so I thought I better tell you. Seriously, this whole outfit rocks. I love the way you rock that headband. Listen to me gushing! :D


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