Friday, March 9, 2012

Back On My Feet Again


Well, here I am. As predicted, my blogging break was a short one, though an important one I'd like to think. One zillion thank you's for all of your kind and supportive words on my last post. I just find that for someone like me, who is not ultra confident yet and very concerned about pleasing other people, it's very easy to compare myself with other people - their appearances, their blog content, anything really. And it's not just in my little corner of the internet - it's in my life as well. It's one of the main things I'm working on - exuding an inner confidence rather than seeking it elsewhere. In fact, one of the reasons I started this daily style blog nearly two years ago was because I was just started to dress how I wanted to and thought it would be kind of a bold move for myself to say, "Here I am, here's how I dress, and here's what I think." I'm constantly in this battle with myself - need is simply my own approval of myself. The only person who really needs to like my outfits is me. The only person who has to like the poetry I talk about is me. If I don't have a confidence in and care for what I'm posting, it's likely that you guys will sense that, and unlikely that you're going to enjoy this blog. I know there are going to be ups and downs, and that I'm going to feel this way and have to take breathers like this in the future, just to re-screw my head on right (that's more of a gross image than I intended, but you get the idea). I know I feel good when I blog about how my outfit is like the Odyssey. I know I feel good when I take the time to explore a new place and take photos to show you guys. And I know I feel good when I share poetry that excites me and you guys get excited too. So, thanks for sticking with me, and here's to keeping to what makes you happy.

We had crazy super spring weather yesterday and I just KNEW that I had to go tightsless while the fleeting opportunity presented itself. I also really liked the idea of wearing a long, breezy skirt since the weather was just blustery enough to be delightful without being frustrating. I also also knew exactly where I wanted to take photos. There's this big park by my house (it claims to be bigger than Central Park on the website!) and when I filmed my blog video, I came across this spot. It's a little bit like Narnia, but without a wardrobe and fur coats. There's a gloomy, muddy path off the main paved road that leads to this beautiful, open, overgrown field that's just so bright. Sure, there's some garbage strewn about (most notably a whole package of ripped tortilla pieces. I know, WHAT?) but it's still a wonderful spot for unseasonably warm weather.

Skirt: Modcloth, Blouse: H&M, Jean Jacket: Salvation Army, Shoes: Dolce Vita via Marshall's








Until tomorrow,


  1. I love your skirt. And I am glad you are embracing the 'blogging for me' doctrine. It can be weirdly empowering to write, or think, or say. 'I don't care what you guys think.' I've only been reading your blog a few months but I'm impressed and enjoying your writings about your struggle to be self confident. You are beautiful and well written, so I'm sure you'll find your inner diva eventually.

  2. I hear you, lady. Although I say I don't care what people think and then get uber pissed off if I lose three followers over one post. Bah. But I think you should absolutely continue to compare your outfit to The Odyssey! That's one of the reasons I like you. : )

  3. My dear, I am GLAD you are back! This skirt is wonderful as is your head scarf! I hope you are feeling much better and really enjoy the weekend! Get some rest and do something you love, even if it's a small thing. That always helps me out.

  4. I heart you and your blog. So not only do you like your blog, but I do too! But I understand the need to take a step back sometimes and have a break. But just so you know, your passion has always come through in your writing. Your honesty and desire to share with your readers has always kept me coming back. <3 you!

  5. Welcome back! I'm amused because I'm rockin' the same idea today--no tights, semi-long skirt, yadda yadda. I'm loving the sunglasses you're wearing to finish off this look. If only the lovely weather would stay, now.

  6. wonderful post, nicole :) glad you are back. x

  7. These photos are so delicate and lovely Nicole! I just adore that one of your skirt blowing in the really does look to be out of a very enchanting sort of movie.

    So happy to see you back. The thing is, I always feel so inspired when coming to your blog. You write in such a way that is honest, vulnerable and witty, and just so down to earth yet also having a very whimsical quality to it...kind of like a children's storybook...if that makes sense. Please take that as a huge compliment:)

    The midi skirt on you is just plain awesome! Gorgeous gal, gorgeous style as always! xx Marisa

  8. these photos are really lovely ladybug! glad to see you back. and yes. TAKE BACK THE BLOG. kind of like take back the night. only not.

  9. Well I'm glad you were able to get something out of your blogging break. Being happy and doing something purely because YOU like it is very important. Keep on doing what you love. :)
    I'm sure this was purely coincidental, but it's kind of fun that your skirt emulates the trees behind you. Similar color and vertical lines. Your outfit has a natural beauty to it just like your location!

  10. Your posts are always so honest and inspiring-- it's another thing I love about you. You just say what your heart says and it's so ajshdjkgd perfect. Keep on being you, oh lovely one. :D

    That skirt is the coolest statement piece. And it's long. Which is great. Also, this is a really neat location for pictures-- the light is streaming through the grass in the coolest way! I feel like your skirt kind of mimics the environment with the light and dark shadows of the grass... so yeah, this is a great set of photos! :)

  11. Ripped tortilla pieces?? Are there ducks somewhere in the park?

    This outfit looks so perfect for early spring...what a pretty skirt! The scarf is so cute too! I've been really busy with work so I'm totally behind on reading blogs and don't have much time to comment anymore, but I still always click to read your posts =)


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