Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh, Inverted World


These pictures are from Friday, after my spring break had just started. It's really weird having two weeks mostly to myself. I mean, sure I've got books stacked to the ceiling and a pile of papers waiting to be written, but having a break this long is a pretty odd feeling after pushing myself so hard in the past few weeks. Anyway, I've been thoroughly enjoying a lazy weekend of goose-sightings, macaroni eating, Ghost Adventures watching, blanket snuggling, too much napping, 1920's themed cross-stitching, The Shins listening, friend seeing, room cleaning, bus riding, ugly clothes try on-ing, farmers market exploring, fan dusting, stir fry cooking, private dance partying, and all around leisuring. Giving myself the weekend off was a good idea.

Jeans: H&M, Blouse: Urban Outfitters, Cardigan: Salvation Army, Hat&bag, JCPenney, Shoes: Ruche





Until tomorrow,


  1. I'm dying for my break to start--and it really is a break because it happens between terms since I'm not at a semester school. ANYway... I'm in love with your collar and I wish I could make a hat like that work on me. (: Enjoy your time to yourself!

  2. You make me want to go out and buy a pair of jeans like, right now. And a hat like that, because it's awesome. Your spring break sounds so great so far, like honestly the perfect weekend! I hope the rest of your spring break is just as good <3 <3 <3

  3. Love that collar? Yep, I love that collar. And your cardigan with gold buttons is so lovely!

    I'm glad you got to have a relaxing Spring Break-- mine just ended and I have to drive back in the early hours of the morning, haha.Also, you can never have too much napping, and farmers market visiting sounds like it was suuppper fun!~ :D

  4. Your weekend activities sound like a blast! You truly know how to entertain yourself and always be interesting.

    This outfit very much reflects your weekend. It is casual but it's still got a lot of interesting details going on. So cute!

  5. Oh man, I love this outfit. It's just, like...perfect. I'm speechless, haha :D From the hat to your shoes I don't think there's something I don't like!
    And 1920s themed cross-stitching sounds like one of the coolest things ever.

    Life is a romantic poem

  6. cute cardigan and stunning hat

  7. Emily_RubySlippersMarch 19, 2012 at 8:04 AM

    Giving yourself the weekend off is almost always a good idea! And I love love love your green cardigan.. why are there no thrift stores here, grrrr...

  8. This hat is so stinking cute on you. Sounds like a pretty fantastic spring break.

  9. such a cute look! i just bought a very similar hat and this gives me some ideas how i can pair it with jeans :)

  10. THIS LOOK IS PERFECTION. and i wish my break was as lovely sounding as yours!


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