Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Open Up Your Mind


You guys know I'm all for thematic dressing, one hundred percent. This morning though, lace, red, and hearts weren't sounding super appealing as clothing options. So, I tried to find a middle ground. I've got a tiny bit of red peeking out of my boots, a little heart pin, and a whole lot of bunnies on my torso. I feel like this outfit is giving a nod of acknowledgement to Valentine's Day but not stopping to talk with it over a cup of coffee or anything like that. I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. I've never celebrated it, even when I was dating someone, but I'd like to. I'm mostly neutral about the whole business, but appreciate it as an excuse to listen to solid love songs and eat a lot of chocolate. I also noticed on my drive to school this morning that it's a great day to people watch. I saw so many people carrying bouquets of flowers, teddy bears, and heart shaped boxes like it was the norm. I think it'd be pretty cool if that was a normal thing, people carrying around cheesy gifts (nachos) for the people they thought were really cool.

Blouse: H&M, Skirt: Madewell, Boots: Vintage, Pin: Beautifully Regular






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Chocolate covered oreo for you!

Until tomorrow,


  1. Aw, that little gif is so sweet! Hearts and red or not, your outfit is still completely adorable. Have a lovely day Nicole...and enjoy that chocolate:)

  2. What you wrote made me laugh out loud! I sure would love to receive some cheesy nachos as well. :)
    I never think much of the purpose of the holiday (being all gushy and stuff) I just love everything you get to do! Exchange cards, eat, dress up. But then again, I've never even dated, so maybe one day I'll love the day for being in love! haha
    Speaking of love - I love this outfit! I can definitely still feel the vibe of Feb. 14 with the little touches of color.

  3. I love how you pin that brooch! So cute!

    Chocolate-covered Oreo is a thing?! I think I just died and went to chocolate heaven.

  4. nachos! that sounds yummy and i'd accept that any day. ;) you're looking divine in this outfit, nicole! i don't think there is anything wrong with not wearing all the pink and frills. i do love your little heart pin though!

    happy valentine's day! <333

  5. I like the subtle nods to Valentines day without getting too crazy. I personally dig Valentines day, haha but I would love to get nachos (or grilled cheese) as a random gift once in a while. If I lived closer to you, I swear we could start a whole new trend!

    xoxo Mama wolf.

  6. i also wish they carried around nachos. and a bunny blouse! that's amazing.

  7. I think it's a super cute outfit (no matter if it's a holiday or not ;))

    xo Jennifer


  8. Aww, this is very cute! I love how you put the pin on your collar!


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