Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh Deer!

feb 16

While mostly being a pun on the fact that there's a creepy deer (or perhaps, stag?) on my sweater, the phrase "Oh Dear" is a pretty good way to describe my feelings on today. Do you ever have those days where you're just frustrated to the point where it's almost comical? Like you're cartoon angry, and steam's coming out of your ears, and lasers are coming out of your eyes? That's how I feel today. I guess it's mostly school picking up, and work picking up, and me feeling like I've got no time for myself. Or if I make time for myself, I feel like I should be doing something more "productive" or whatever. Oh dear!

Sweater, skirt: Forever 21 (the sweater was on CLEARANCE, at FOREVER 21, which is like FREE. Which is mostly why I OWN IT), Shoes: Ruche

feb 16 1

feb 16 3

feb 16 2

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  1. Super cute outfit. I must go to Forever 21 soon and see their clearance sale section! I usually go to the one in union sq. most of the time, they close pretty late there. :)

  2. That deer sweater is so cute!!!!!! I was just at forever21 and bought myself a new dress!


  3. Ha, yes! I think today was like that for sleep last night makes for interesting/frustrating and comical days like that. I like the deer on your always manage to find the cutest sweaters and skirts! These of course are no exception. I'm the biggest sucker for anything with an animal on it:) Happy weekend Nicole!

  4. clearance at forever 21 is the best thing ever. i actually got a sweater from there for free because it was clearance!
    also. oh dear accurately describes my life.

  5. Oh deer... totally been there. My anger is usually fed from being with my family too much. haha But nonetheless.. it happens and then I feel really bad for blowing up at people.

    Anyways! It's kinda unusual for me to see a deer on a sweater - usually they're on cars. (lame Wisconsin joke because everyone here hits deers. lol) But really, it's cute and I prefer it on a sweater where it can't hurt anyone rather than out in the wild. I have noticed that F21 really does get rather cheap! I've picked up "trendy" tops there for less than $5. Love it!

  6. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalFebruary 17, 2012 at 2:35 AM

    Awww I'm so so sorry you're having an angry day :( I hope tomorrow will be better for you! I've been feeling pretty stressed/annoyed/angry too lately too. But a three-day weekend is coming up so you can't be angry when the weekend is extended :) You look cute in that sweater! Lucky you for finding that in the clearance rack at F21! I can never find anything in that store, let alone the sale rack!

  7. Super cute look : ) I know what you mean about how you feel (wow that was eloquent, but it 's 3:48am right now, ha). School has been picking up and while I still feel slightly on top of it, it's definitely frustrating. Hope you find some peace this weekend!

  8. I'm loving this reindeer sweater. So cute! Especially with the yellow skirt.
    And yes I have those 'OMG SO ANGRY' days. If I know I am upset about something silly I usually get over it by giving the house a good clean. It is productive, but also lets me shirk whatever I should be doing instead. Also mopping and sliding around on a wet floor can be pretty fun.

  9. i have that same skirt! except in a brown color. i love skirts with pockets!

  10. please go back to forever21 and find me that sweater!!!! ;P
    just kidding.. maaaybe.

    you look absolulty lovely. (as always)
    i love the black tights with the brown shoes.
    i have a "angry day" at least once a week. ;)
    have a wonderful AND restful weekend, Nicole.

  11. I just found you through Eleanor's blog Missing Lovebirds and I have to say I absolutely LOVE your style!! Where have you been all of my life?!? Haha!
    This outfit is seriously perfect. I'm dying. No literally. I'm dying.
    I have one of those days once or twice (if not more) a week. I get frustrated so easily these days! But at least you looked adorable through your frustration ;).
    lyndsey of

  12. adorable sweater and gorgeous skirt too

  13. HAHA i like your bracketed caption for the F21 sweater. Unfortunately the F21 shipping to Australia is just not worth buying from...

  14. Oh deer, I'm afraid that you're simply a-deer-able. That didn't really fit. But I tried, I did.

    That sweater is perfect and not in any way creepy. I mean it does kind of stare at you but I think it's a sweet stare, not a creeper stare. ;)


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