Sunday, February 19, 2012

In The Navy

feb 19 2

My facial expression in the above photo pretty accurately portrays my current sour-puss/woe-begone/sleepily confused mood. I was whining in my last post about being busy and not having enough time to myself, and now it's Sunday and I'm about ready to whine about the same thing. It's just a bummer, because I really could have used some time to catch up, but I only had a one day weekend, as I had class today and tomorrow. Bummer! I'm at least trying my best to be the kind of woe-begone person who laughs at her situation as she slowly spirals into crazytown, and not the kind of woe-begone who mopes and kicks people and stuff. We'll see! Anyway, I did a bit of shopping yesterday, and this skirt is one of the things I picked up. It's a wee short, but I like the colors and it's fun to shimmy around in.

Sweater, skirt: Forever 21, Blouse: Nordstrom Rack, Boots: Vintage

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  1. Oh no! I'm sorry that you only had a one day break. That stinks hard. Hopefully you'll get through it!! I know you caaaan. <3 Plus, it's good that you don't kick people when you get in a mood, haha.

    This is such a perfect outfit. That skirt reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream and I love the navy. Navy is so pretty on you!

  2. Love the skirt! Sometimes new duds are just what is in order for a little cheering up : )
    Now this might be hard but CARVE out some time for yourself!! It's important to have a 15 minute tea break (or whatever is your vice) to hold onto sanity during times like these.

  3. Your face is cracking me up, up there. (: By the way, I adore the way that collar looks peeking out of your sweater!

  4. That's probably the prettiest skirt I've seen in a while! I'm in love. I haven't been to forever 21 in such a long time! also, your face in the first photo is amazing. nuff said. sorry that you haven't caught a break with your school work ! :( goodluck with it all!

  5. I hadn't been to Forever 21 in a while too, since it's SUCH an overwhelming place! Thanks for the good luck, my dear :)

  6. Ha, glad I could make you laugh! :D

  7. Oh man, I know. I mean, I'm just so bad at setting aside time just for myself! But I will definitely take your advice :)

  8. Ha, yeah, I'm trying not to kick anyone! And I didn't notice it, but the skirt totally DOES remind me of ice cream. Now I kind of want an ice cream sandwich! Thanks for the lovely words, m'dear :)

  9. Love your outfits lately!! Especially the sweaters you've been rocking.

    Not that I feel like it's anyone's place to comment on another person's body (even though this is positive), but you look slimmer in your recent pictures!

  10. i love the colors in the skirt! and i totally understand about not having enough time to yourself. i keep taking time to myself over the weekend then immediately regretting it. JUST WAIT TILL I START WORK. I WILL DIE.

  11. Oh I love that skirt! It suits you perfectly. Although I would like to add a whine about the shortness of F21 skirts/dresses...why????? Cause you know, sometimes I like to wear skirts (without tights) and not show my bum to the world.

    I so feel you on whiney-ness about being busy/slowly going insane. I whine about that a lot. But honestly, whining kind of makes me feel better. Because 1) it's cathartic, and 2) it helps to hear other people say they deal with the same thing. The best I can say is just hang in there. Take a bath, get a manicure, go for a run, or do something little for yourself. Soon enough things will lighten up, and then you will be proud of how you kicked ass all over this stressful mess!

  12. I'm just amazed that you manage to keep up with blogging under these circumstances! I would have buried myself under a rock long ago!

  13. Sour puss or look incredibly sweet! I really love everything here, especially that skirt! I've felt kind of the same way lately...just a lot on the plate at the moment and I took a very needed blogging break this weekend. I'm impressed that you are able to keep up with everything and blog on top of that!!! But definitely wishing you a better week ahead:) xx Marisa

  14. Can I improve your day by telling you how honored I am you are reading my poems? I hope you enjoy I WAS THE JUKEBOX! And I agree with everyone else--the skirt is awesome--though I am coveting the bag/shoe combo as well. That is my favorite shade of leather. = )


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