Sunday, July 22, 2012

Poetry Festival

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Today, I headed over to the wonderful, wonderful Governors Island just off Manhattan to attend the New York Poetry Festival. Though I planned on going as just an attendee, when I realized they had a "vendors village" I decided I should try to sell some of my brooches from Faces and Faces at the event! I mean, if anyone wanted to buy a literary brooch it would be the folks who go to a poetry festival, am I right? It was a beautiful day spent chatting folks up, handing out business cards, and even selling a few (five! not too shabby) brooches. I had never been to Governors Island before, but now I want to go back as soon as possible. It's a magical little island that's just a huge public park. No one lives on it, and there are just beautiful fields everywhere. My sister and I honestly forgot we were a few minutes ferry ride away from Manhattan, that's how wonderful it was. I can't wait to go back with a picnic lunch and frisbee in hand. On our little lunch break, my sister and I walked around the island and even rented bikes! There really shouldn't be an exclamation point there, since it was sort of a disaster, since we're not very good at bike riding. I hope to improve someday, though. All in all, it was a lovely day. I even got to meet Walt Whitman.

Dress: Madewell, Hat: Salvation Army

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A Walt Whitman impersonator came over, saw my brooches, and bought a Walt Whitman brooch. He subsequently had me put the brooch on the Peter Doyle (Walt Whitman's supposed lover) impersonator. It was definitely a highlight, and I just had to take a photo of that pair.

july 22 9

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This picture is misleading, since I walked the bike back from this point on. I don't trust myself around pedestrians/trees/ air.

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  1. That dress is adorable! And your Walt Whitman and Peter Doyle encounter...priceless. I love your photo of them!

  2. Pedestrians, trees, and air can definitely screw up what could be an innocent bike ride. ;) Bahaha, you're too cute! <3 I'm glad you had a lovely little day and sold some of your precious pins! That dress is just stunning on you and I love the print~ you look so adorable. <3

  3. First of all, I admire you so much for going after this dream of yours to sell your brooches! It's so cool that you did sell some too! And the Walt Whitman impersonator part made me laugh...!

    Your dress is so cute! You look like a vintage dream in that plaid! Gorgeous. :)

  4. Oh, looks like such a wonderful day! I would have loved to go to a poetry festival! And I love your outfit, especially that darling hat! -Jessica

  5. That sounds like a really awesome place to be. And good call selling your brooches--which others were purchased? I'm really amused by the impersonator bit, hehe. They certainly used their resources for hilarity.

    Oh yeah, I like your dress.

  6. Aw, your dress is darling Nicole and what a fun little place... I love going to events like this. And fun you got to sell your brooches!! xo V

  7. Nicole you look beautiful in that dress & hat! I am glad that you had fun, and that you sold some of your awesome pins!

  8. How pretty you look. Love your table set up too. All the little events that go on out there are so lovely. . .too bad it costs $8 to cross the GW. . .ugh.

  9. You look great! This sounds like such an exciting thing for you. I love the Walt Whitman story.

  10. This looks like tons of fun, and you are so silly with your bike troubles. :D I'm so proud of you for Faces and Faces and that's sooo awesome that you sold some! I love the Walt Whitman/Peter Doyle story. Also cute dress.

  11. You are too cute! Looks like such a great time. I've never sold any of the knitted stuff at a vendor show before.

  12. You look darling! I'm so happy you sold some brooches... especially to the impersonator. That's the best!

  13. It's been too long since I've commented, so I wanted you to know how lovely today's post is. :) Next time, tell me, and we'll go together!!! I've GOT to meet this weirdly awesome WW impersonator!

  14. shit. i want this dress. and congrats on being brave and getting your brooches out there!

  15. aww you are such a cutie! Lovely dress & the hat is the perfect touch. Great brooches & great idea on the booth, 5's not bad but what sounds even better is the conversations that it brought about! Glad the impersonators let you get their picture, love it! & bike riding... well, it just takes practice, my hubs was awful when he came here but now is a pro since we bike everywhere. The island sounds amazing too, wish we had islands around here... and water.

  16. Bravo! I'm so glad that you were able to put your products out there and show people what you were about. It looks like a grand day was had by all.

    I didn't really know it was possible to NOT to know how to ride a bike. I've had a set of wheels since I was 3. lol
    Oh well, it's not all it's cracked up to be. It's usually a pain in the butt! (literally)


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