Sunday, July 15, 2012

Old Fashioned

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`I'm not generally thankful for Sundays, but last week was ridiculous, so I'm pretty alright with welcoming in a new week. Thankfully, this weekend was a nice mix of fun and lazy. On Saturday, I went to the Pleasantville Music Festival with my friend Stephanie. It was so nice, guys. It was outdoors on a big lawn, so while we got a little sunburnt, we had a good time jamming out, sitting on the grass, and eating Italian ices. And quesadillas. And funnel cake. And lemonade. There were a bunch of bands there, but I really wanted to see Good Old War and Delta Spirit, who I've been listening to like crazy lately. The frontman of Good Old War had the best dance moves I've ever seen in my life, and the frontman of Delta Spirit had the best hair (and face, and everything else) I've ever seen in my life. Today has been the lazy half of the weekend, since I've just been brooching out some brooches for my brooch shop, and I got to hang around in Barnes and Noble drinking a frappecino.

This outfit is definitely something high school me would adore, and then poorly attempt to emulate. Grammar school me on the other hand would hate it, because grammar school me wasn't into anything that didn't show off my breasts/wasn't a pink velour tracksuit. I went through my slutty phase early, okay? Anyway, I've been trying to think of a way to style these chucks, because I got an urge to wear them again, so I ended up with a slightly older, cuter version of my every day look in high school.
Jeans: Levi's, Dress/tunic/shirt: Callie's

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Oh, and for those of you wondering about the, uh, (non-) booty call mentioned in the previous post, it was kind of like this. Just replace the text in the first frame with "He wanted to have sex with me." WHY CAN'T TWO PEOPLE JUST MAKE OUT? WHY?

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  1. Loving the simple outfit. The print on your top is sooo good.

  2. HAHAHAHA you are just my favorite. I hope you know that. I like this outfit. And I still think we should swap clothes someday. And can you potentially skype tuesday night? I'm going to throw a lot at you in this comment apparently.

  3. the music festival sounds awesome! i love outdoor shows like that :) i need to go to some in SF this summer before i leave. your dress/tunic/shirt is cuteee too :) i still have my chucks back from my middle school days but i just don't know how to style them in a way that i like now...! maybe i'll give it a shot soon.

  4. This post cracked me up. I went through totally DIFFERENT phases in my younger days, but probably equally special. I hope you had an awesome time at the music festival and I like this outfit. I have some poor Converse that are dying but that I cannot let go of.

  5. Hahaha, oh goodness, this post made me laugh!! A slutty phase, huh? I adore you. So much. We all had our interesting phases though... mine was the bohemian skirt-wearing converse-donning girl. With hair braids. All the time. Needless to say, middle school wasn't the best few years for making friends for me.

    This is cute though. I love how you're wearing converses and making 'em look cute with that floral top. I haven't seen you in pants for a while! :D

    "the best hair (and face, and everything else)"
    i kind of want to re enact old outfits i used to wear.

  7. AHAHAHA! i love the use of adventure time to illustrate your point! and i know how you feel... i've never had a slutty stage (haven't yet...? shudders...), so my idea of personal sluttiness is making out with two different guys in one night at a club or something. why is it that adult relationships are so focused on sex? i want to make out on someone's couch in someone's basement while listening to music like i never did in high school! did i miss my window or do i need to get a boyfriend... ugh, and even then.... again: WHY CAN'T TWO PEOPLE JUST MAKE OUT? WHY?

  8. OH MY GOODNESS. I love that. So much. I'm your hero?? You're MY hero. WHY CAN'T WE JUST MAKE OUT. yes. Yes yes yes. Sleeping with someone is different than making out. Making out is fair game. No judgement either way, but I'm definitely hoping for some of the latter this year without sex. Ha. Also, love your top. And I adore your "slutty phase" talk. I had that, too... in the form of low cut Abercrombie tanks. Yes, I was one of those. I hate myself for it.


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