Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Adventurous

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Lately, I've been blogging only when I have something to say and show, not just show. Maybe show and tell would have worked better, since that's actually a phrase. Right now, the only thing I can think of to tell is the tragic tale of my first real "booty call," which, while I am way too open about my personal life on this blog, is probably a story best saved for another day. Or never. You know, whichever. Aside from that, the only thing that I've been sort of obsessing over is my Write Four Lines a Night Because Kurt Vonnegut Told You To Challenge. That was long winded. I mentioned it a few posts ago, that I was trying to write four lines of poetry every night, good or bad or really really bad, just to keep myself writing. There have been plenty of sleepy nights where I enter my room and the light's already out, and I'd rather go straight to bed, but instead I work for a few minutes by the glow of the computer screen. I've done it for two weeks now, and have mostly written really weird things, but it still feels so nice to be creating a very little something every night.

In other news, I appear to be channeling a scatter-brained art teacher from the 90's with this outfit. And I need to change my hair again. I tell you, I would chop it all off if I didn't think my face would be 100% nose without some hair to counterbalance it.

Skirt: Vintage, Vest: Salvation Army, Blouse: Macy's, Sandals: Korks by Kork-Ease

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  1. ChatoyantHoochieJuly 12, 2012 at 6:39 PM

  2. Lovely look. I love the colors. and I really enjoy the floral pattern.

  3. too good. :D and i love your hair.

  4. Hooray! I'm glad you're creating--something will spark your creative light soon enough! I should do the same thing with drawing... a doodle a day or something. Maybe I'll have to start that with ya. :D

    Cutie cute skirt with your cutie cute vest. YouuUU <3

  5. Please, please e-mail me (or SOMETHING) about your booty call. I love romance gone wrong and would love to commiserate with you.

  6. I am totally going to email you about it because it was ridiculous. UGH

  7. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalJuly 12, 2012 at 9:56 PM

    I've found myself worry about that too sometimes. I would take outfit pictures on a day that wasn't really all that special or that had anything great to tell. I'm glad that you've been keeping up with a few minutes of creativity! It'll be so interesting to look back on those nights' writings when you just didn't really feel like writing and see what you came up with :) And I love your hair! I have such hair envy with you!

  8. BOOTY CALL. yusss. way to go girl. and i love this look. it's like art teacher meets rayanne graff.

  9. But why would you dangle the thought of a fascinating story in front of us and then... not tell? I'm pouting over here, haha. Anyway, I like your 90s art teacher vibe you've got going on. It's working real well for you. (:

  10. Mostly because I don't think the internet needs to know about my makeout-related misadventures BUT I was thinking so much about it that I couldn't NOT mention it. I recognize that was a lame thing to do, haha.

  11. You are my favorite.

  12. Yes! We should be creative-buddies :)
    <3 YOOuuu

  13. I wish I could have as much restraint as you have only blogging for important reasons. Well, I actually have cut back on the amount of text I post, which did take a lot of restraint. But I like using my blog as a diary to remember things - so text and pictures all the time it is!

    I'm glad to hear that you are keeping up with your writing. It may feel like a drag at the time, but you'll probably look back on it one day and be really proud of yourself for putting in the time and effort to create something everyday. You might even inspire your future self!

    I think you dress way cooler than my art teacher I had in the 90's. She always wore baggy t-shirts and mom jeans. lol


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