Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blooming Up From The Grass

may 5
Things have been pretty sluggish on the blog lately, it's true. Today begins my last of the semester, and I've been hard at work (and, at times, very much not so hard at work, like right now) finishing up sentences about Chaucer's Parson's Tale, Shakespeare's sonnets, Heinrich von Kleist's eccentricities. Right now I'm just taking a little break to write something other than an analytical paper. Speaking of breaks, on Saturday morning I took a little trip up to Lyndhurst for the annual craft fair. Of course, I didn't take pictures of any of the crafts, but there were so many wonderful things (my favorites were bracelets made of typewriter keys and giant Edgar Alan Poe inspired wood carvings which I'm currently kicking myself for not taking a photo of). I didn't buy anything, except two containers of fresh fudge (maple and almond joy), which was delicious (it's all gone now, by the way). Also, the craft fair took place on the grounds of a castle, which is cool. Though, frankly, a castle seems a little out of place in New York. But in an awesome way. We only drove past the castle, which looked beautiful. I definitely want to take a tour of it in the summer.

Dress: Callie's, Vest: Goodwill, Shoes: Korks by Kork-Ease, Scarf: giveaway from Sarah may 5 1
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  1. You should have taken pictures at the craft fair! it sounds like a lot of fun. :) and i see no problem with a castle in new york! haha

    Also, I'm so confused... I thought North Country Girl's name was Michal.. but you always call her Callie! Enlighten me. D: The dress is darling, though....! xx

  2. My favorite craft fair was when I lived over by Leeds Castle! They had the most fantastic craft fair/farmers market, and you just made me remember it. :D

  3. Dear Nicole, you are very beautiful!
    I love your style!
    I love using scarves in their hair.
    Your dress is beautiful!
    Kisses from Brazil

  4. I feel like everyone is a little busy now with school, exams, and whatnot, so it's no worry. You just focus on your schoolwork, lady! ;) Which I know you will, 'cause you're a worker bee and I can tell it.

    These pictures are super stunning. They're so very vivid and green! I adore the wrap in your hair and the way you're wearing your shoes with your tights. I miss tights already. Also, a castle seems like such a neat place for a craft fair! It sounds like you saw so many neat things (Edger Allen Poe wood carvings SAY WHUT? awes.) How lovely your Saturday morning was. :D

  5. Craft fair at a castle?! Say what??!! That sounds too awesome for words. Were these pictures taken at the castle? They are so lush and green...definitely how I would imagine castle grounds.

  6. i love, love, LOVE that dress!! what an amazing floral pattern. xoxo

  7. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalMay 8, 2012 at 2:25 AM

    Good luck with all the upcoming end of the year school stuff you need to do<3 Love these photos and this outfit! You look wonderful with your hair up like that! And you can never go wrong with denim and florals together :)

  8. good luck with this week girl. i'm sure you'll get through it just fine. and i adore that last photo and the print of that dress!

  9. Aw I haven't checked out your blog for so much time and now I find a new header and TONS of posts I didn't read! Now I feel guilty -_- anyway I hear you. This is a crazy period for me too: I have to study for my exams, finish my internship and start thinking and writing my thesis!
    Speaking of clothes, you look lovely here, Nicole :) the denim vest over the floral dress is absolutely perfect and has a slight '90s vibe, which is awesome <3

    Life is a romantic poem

  10. Look at you, wearing the scarf! I never could figure out how to make scarves obey me like that. I'm glad it has a happy home with you. (:

    Anyway. I read "Lyndhurst" as "Laurelhurst" which is totally near here and had to re-read the paragraph before I got totally confused, haha.

    Anyway. All that is to say you look adorable and you're making me wonder if I can rock a vest like that.

  11. Lovely place & wonderful pictures! You look so nice. Loved that floral shirt!


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