Monday, August 27, 2012

Walk On

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I don't have too much to say right now, which I'm sure will come as a shock to you guys who are used to huge, type-y blocks of text adorned with a few photos to soften the word-blow. Honestly, part of me was hoping to be away from the computer for the most part this week, since it's my last full week of summer before school starts up. I got this idea in my head - and take note, because this is a dumb idea - that spending my last days of summer on the computer, scrolling through tumblr, slowly becoming obsessed with Parks & Recreation while other folks my age keep hyper-busy and super-duper social would make me some sort of inadequate. See, I told you that was dumb, so I hoped you paid attention when I said "look, this is going to be dumb." Not to get all quotey on you or anything (but come on, who am I kidding) whenever I get like this, this feeling of "If you're not busy every second you are 100% wasting your life," I remember that quote, I think it's by Teddy Roosevelt (let's hear it for T. Roze, am I right?), that says "Comparison is the thief of joy." What it boils down to, is that everyone is allowed to make their own pathways toward feeling good. If I want to spend a day watching an entire series, if that will make me feel good, then HECK YEAH I should do that. If I want to climb a mountain, HECK YEAH, MOUNTAINS. If I want to keep super busy and work and work and then be super social afterwards every night then, honestly probably not but, HECK YEAH. So, I just hope this week I'll focus more on what'll make me happiest, not what other people are doing, and stop comparing myself. That's the thief of joy, you know.

Also, just wanted to make a clothes-related remark here. Shocking, I know. It's not like this is a daily style blog or anything. But, my dear, dear friend Elanor sent me what is probably the best tote bag ever, and I can't stop wearing it, and I mostly took these outfit photos so I could show you guys how good it is, and sort of brag I guess.

Denim top, jeans: Levi's, Striped top: JCrew Sale, Bag: ELANOR! Sandals: Wanted

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  1. Becoming obsessed with Parks & Rec is not a waste of time! I'm just sad I don't have any more episodes left to watch :( I hate when that happens to one of my favorite tv shows!

    I wish you the BEST of luck as another semester starts for you! I just graduated my University in May and it's kind of weird not having to go back to school!

  2. great pictures.. and those jeans look amazing on you!

  3. i LOVE your tote. it's amazing. also, can i just say those jeans are awesome. they look great on you. (i'm kind of obsessed with jeans lately, as i'm trying to find the perfect pair to celebrate having my body [somewhat] back since having a baby in April.)

  4. NICOLE i love this post. and your outfit, and of course, i'm so glad
    that you like the tote. :) i thought it would be perfect for you AND I

    in regards to the first paragraph, i think we are like the same person
    because i'm always thinking "i should be doing something now. i
    shouldn't be sitting here. i should be out with people doing crazy
    things 24/7" but you are so right with that t. roze quote! we just have
    to stop comparing ourselves to others!

    and i'm so glad you are watching parks & rec. it's so good. i'm on
    season 4 and i just love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the characters. this
    show can do no wrong.


  5. ahaha that is the cutest tote EVER! It's so cute... a bearded man... yeah, that's kind of perfect for you. ;) How sweet of Elanor!~ <3

    Your hair looks so cute here with the little gold hair accessory~ is that a leaf? I adore it!

  6. Right now, in my life, working on my blog and meeting new people IS what I'm doing. Sadly enough. Well, that, and getting into minor accidents in parking lots, I guess.

  7. Oh that bag is amazing! But most importantly, so are you!! I really loved that you shared that with us, I definitely needed that reminder and I'm glad to hear you'll be making the most out of your last week of summer however makes you happiest, enjoy your summers while you have summer breaks!

  8. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalAugust 29, 2012 at 2:56 PM

    That tote is absolutely amazing, as are this outfit and you! I think I will definitely recreate this outfit as I'm slowly getting over my fear of all things sleeveless and pants! I totally get what you mean about wanting to be more like people our age, but there's no point in doing things that you don't enjoy, despite it being against the norm. It's your last week! I say if you want to scroll through Tumblr and watch Parks and Recreation, then do it! :) Tumblr and silly TV shows are my favorite ways to unwind! Have a good rest of your last week of Summer<3

  9. i want you, elanor and i to live together and be creeps. BECAUSE I CREEP ON ALL YOUR TWITTER CONVERSATIONS. and i want to be there. inside that tote bag. eating snacks.


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