Thursday, December 13, 2012

Doodle Do

d 4

So, let's just put it out there that OH HEY, I really shouldn't be on blogger right now because OH HEY, I have eight thousand (give or take 7,990) final projects to do, but OH HEY, here I am. Things have been wonk-central over here, personally and school-ally. I'll have a post where I talk about some exciting things soon, but for now, I wanted to put up a little post to say hi, and maybe grab a quick cup of coffee with you guys, before I dash out the door to write 5 final papers. Some of you may know that I love poetry, though I'm very shy about sharing it here. Someday, maybe. Something that's been really calming this semester, though, is doodling. Back in high school, we didn't have creative writing classes, so instead I tried out visual art. I'm not so good at it, but I still enjoy it. So, I thought it would be fun to just share some doodles I've done lately with you guys. Someday, when I stop being a big ol' wimpity wimp, maybe you'll get some poems, but for now, DOODLES!

d 9

d 5

d 2 d 3

d 6 d 1

d 10

d 7

Until tomorrow,


  1. I think your drawings are fantastic! I love the one you did for me. Keep doodling! It's excellent therapy.

  2. Youuuuuuu should send me a doodle. ;)

  3. these are sooo much better than just regular old doodles! i luuuuurve them! i love seeing them pop up on my IG feed. if i ever write a children's book i'm calling on you to illustrate them for me. Xxxx

  4. Oh gosh, Nicole, your doodles are too cute!! I really like the one oof the mountains--such fun patterns. :) Hehehe, I hope that your exams are/did go well, and that your papers aren't being too hard to write, either. ;) Good luck!

  5. hahah, "Give me all the bacon and eggs you have!" I love Ron! NIce work. ;)

  6. you're so cute. i remember when you drew a cat on a mix cd you made for me, and it wasn't very good! but you've gotten very good at figuring out your style!

  7. They are great, love them!

  8. You have a unique drawing style that I quite like! My favorite doodle is the mountains. It's got a lot of spirit to it.

    Despite my dad being a marvelous drawer, that skill passed over me. (but I guess I got the creativity in other areas!)

  9. Ahhhh your drawings are amazing! You should totally sell your drawings on your Etsy shop (especially that Ron Swanson one, I LOVE IT!).

  10. I relate too well with the fancy bagel bear.


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